Release Notes Through 2022-08-19

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  • Shayan Moussawi

    „ Zendesk messaging] - External id provided in the authenticated visitor API will now be surfaced against the External id field of the User Profile. If the external id provided with the API matches the external id of an existing user, the messaging ticket will be referenced against the same end-user. It is being gradually rolled out.“
    It seems like up until yesterday that also applied to external ID being issued with the normal API (and not just messaging)
    Is there any chance you could bring the external ID being displayed in the customer profile back for normal requests as well? This would greatly help with visibility of it and align it better with the messaging authentication functionality.

  • Dennis

    I'm also having agents report not being able to see the external ID in the user profile pane of the ticket page.  Would appreciate it being put back in place.


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