What happens when a user replies to a messaging conversation when the ticket is closed?

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  • shelley

    Hi Erik Lynch

    What happens if the user replies to a closed? Is a new ZD ticket created?

    Is the only way to 'end' a messaging conversation is to SOLVE the ticket, have an automation set to CLOSE the ticket within a short period of time? So if the customer starts on a different topic the message is in a new ticket?

    Can a messaging ticket go on indefinitely? Or is there a limit to the number of conversations / characters that a ticket can have before it has reached its limit? If it does reach its limit in a middle of a conversation, how do we keep the conversation going?

  • Sil
    Hi Shelley,

    As you might already know, if a client replies to a closed ticket, that will create a follow-up ticket in Zendesk.

    You can explore possibilities to go from Solve to Close via tags and triggers or automations. If you want to create a ticket to see what's possible, I or someone else from the Support Team are happy to help tailor a solution for you!
    If that's something you're interested in exploring, I recommend the following article:
    The limitations for a full ticket are high enough to enable a full conversation to take place. As a general best practice, we encourage both our customers and their customers to create a new ticket for a separate issue they have.

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