Using AI to summarize and enhance ticket comments (EAP)

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  • Rafael Santos

    Best announcement of the day 🙌

  • Tobias Hermanns


    Will this be can help like knowledge to search for solution in KB based on summary?

    Can chat gpt come for answer bot widget combination to search on helpcenter?


  • Andrew V.

    Very cool!

    Can access to the features be limited by agents role levels?

    Also, any plans for the summaries to be exportable or otherwise incorporated in Explore? For example, when digging into a major ticket driver in Explore, could I add something like "AI Summary" alongside the "Ticket ID, Ticket Subject, Assignee" fields? 

    The latter would be a huge time saver in pulling insights from tickets. (Even better, in future I'd love to see the ability to select a group of tickets and ask the AI to summarize common themes, but I'll wait my turn for that one...)

  • John

    I am just wondering weather or not this feature has a potential risk to expose the internal ticket conversation to the public. As you know, the ticket has very sensitive private information. If ChatGPT leanred them via the main cloud-based DB, then we indirectly share the private information with them. 

    I hope I am not correct but I would like to hear more detailed information about AI summary feature. 

  • Slava Skorbezh

    Who's already had a chance to try these features? We've applied, but there's been no response. 

    Tobias Hermanns I totally agree that it's a great use case for chat gpt. I asked during Minich Zendesk event if it's on the Road Map and the answer was something like "Nice idea we'll consider it". 

  • Jakub Konik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you again Rafael Santos!

    Tobias Hermanns is this something that could be helpful? if not, can you tell me what you're trying to achieve?

    Andrew V. thank you! It's not possible to limit access - everyone has access once it's enabled by an admin in Settings. We are not planning on adding this to Explore but I understand the use case - noted!

    John you can find more details about the topic here:

    Slava Skorbezh currently around 12 customers have access, but this will change in the next week - we plan to enable 50 more accounts, and then everyone who applied. I'll make sure everyone who interacted in this thread will be included in the very next batch. 

  • Rafael Santos

    We've been testing for the past 2 weeks and the summarization feature is the one we've got the most value from, as getting an overview of very long and complex ticket threads becomes very helpful and is an amazing time saver.

    The text enhancing, however, takes too long to return results, which isn't as helpful, as we've observed that it usually takes more than 1 try to get it right, which may end up adding more than 1 minute to that individual ticket interaction's handling time.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Jakub,

    I don´t think so this recommandation are same not working recommendation we have on Answer Bot send out via E-Mail before. We really looking into Chat GPT review our Helpcenter in future.


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