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  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello all,

    I know so many of you are excited and waiting for this change. We had to pause the rollout for 2 days and have fallen behind by 2 business days. We have resumed the rollout but some may not see the changes until Oct 9 and 10th. I apologize for the delay as we are working hard to get these changes to you all. 

  • Tim G
    Zendesk Luminary

    Out of interest, I understand why most of the options under People > Team > Roles > Admin are greyed out (makes sense that you shouldn't be able to take away permissions from the Admin role and lock yourself out!) however, are there plans to allow the 'Limit number of views' checkbox to be checked/un-checked for this role? 

    That setting is more of a preference, so if you have a situation where admins would prefer to revert to the old 12 shared / 8 personal, it'd be nice to be able to configure that?

    I guess the workaround is to create a duplicate (non default) admin role with maximum permissions, and then put admins in that group where you can toggle the option, but it'd be nice if that was an option in the built-in admin role.

    Or is there another way of doing that pls?

    Thanks team!

    [EDIT] I created a new post asking if we can have a way to base this off agent-preferences in the future if we want to - there's more and more stuff where we as admins have to pick personal preferences for agents, so we can never get it right for everyone: 

  • Laura

    Our department is also finding it frustrating that the Admin role cannot change the number of views they see. We now see so many extraneous views that the information overload is distracting. 

    What does "Access view filtering" mean? Does that mean we should be able to filter the list of views? 

    I understand this is a welcome change for some people, but the lack of more control for the Admin role makes it hard to welcome it to our teams. 

  • Glen Schneider

    It is now Monday 9th I still don't have this in either of my enterprise tenants... 

    Any idea when this will hit us?

  • Miki Kanomata

    Thank you for the changes! It is live :) 

  • Magan Bhandari

    Thank you team, the views are now live!!

  • Rochelle Yoshida

    Nice work and thank you Zendesk team. Now, we have some views which are available to a particular group and others that are available to all agents. How is Zendesk choosing to organize that in views? Group ID? Last Updated?

  • Yvonne Panarin

    Happy this is live now. However really needing exactly what Peter Godden asked for a month ago. "Will you be able to have custom collapsible sections? Or will it be limited to just 2 collapsible sections for "Shared" and "Personal"?"

    We have multi-brand&language-shared agents > in the Lovely Views App we have been using so far, we were able to sort the views more neatly, example :
    Brand NameA::Unassigned German
    Brand NameA::Unassigned English
    Brand NameA::Unassigned PayPal/Amazon
    Brand NameB::Unassigned German
    Brand NameB::Unassigned English
    Brand NameB::Unassigned PayPal/Amazon
    >> this organized the views very well, showing that Brand name with a collapsible folder to open all views needed for that brand. Hope this makes sense. As of now we are happy about more views beeing available, but we really need them displayed in a less "all over the place" look.

    Would greatly appreciate an update on this. 

    Sunny Greetings from Munich,

  • Joey

    Let's just say it's a (tiny) start but unfortunately not the great feature it could have been. Still no way to organize your views, you just get whatever is at the top.

    We still rely on Lovely Views (who has been doing this for many years) to give us a workable environment, how can Zendesk not make an innovative feature that allows us to look at views in a way that is reflective of 2023?

  • Amie

    hey Joey

    What do you mean by no way to organize your views? Do you mean the agent personally doesn't have the ability to organise the views in their own organized preference? What exactly is the new feature lacking / where could improvements be made in more context from your point of view?

    Probably best you clarify here, as Zendesk does allow the admin to organise the views on behalf of the agents inside the Admin UI. 


  • Joey

    Hey Amie,

    Organizing views the same way Lovely Views does, having multiple folders within folders. We have 60+ groups working in hundreds of views and many hundreds of agents, thus making the native views page completely useless. This increase in number of views shown is annoyingly trivial.

    If they wanted to make a useful feature they would have allowed for:

    • Multiple expandable folders (as mentioned by others)
    • Have nested folders like lovely views
    • Allow agents to rearrange their main folders or
    • Favorite folders that show up at the top

    This might sound like a big ask but other support platforms we work have this (and more) already.

  • Daniel Heard

    I agree with Joey on this. Having 30 views is a start but you need to be able to sort the view into folders that you can expand.

  • Stephanie Hong

    We're having issues with the visual clutter.
    Currently we are okay with having 30 shared views, but the issue is seeing all 30 shared views at once and having to scroll down for personal views.

    Ideal fix for us: shared view & personal view have separate 'scrolling'. Able to have the top half for shared views and bottom half for personal views without those areas being a 'combined' scroll, a 'separate' scroll.

    Echoing others, would be great to have nested folders as well, but at a minimum the above would reduce our visual clutter and the extra clicks/extra actions to be in flow compared to before. 

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I wanted to jump in and give a quick update as the Product Manager for Views is currently OOO. The rollout of this change is now complete.

    I also want to let you all know that we have plans to offer more functionality in 2024 for Views, including more filters, and the ability to sort and categorize views. If you're not already following or upvoting on this request then I recommend you do so:

    Thanks again for the feedback, it's truly appreciated.

  • DJ Jimenez

    Can we have an update on being able to enable / disable this feature for light agents, collaborators, and admins? We have this deactivated for the roles we could update while we evaluate it but right now light agents have more views than regular agents. This seems like a user enabler setting, so it seems backwards to have to opt out of the feature than to opt in. Instead of having to check "Limit number of views" to disable the feature, it should be check to "Increase number of views - Increase the maximum to 30 shared views and 12 personal views"


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