Workforce management custom report metrics

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  • Andy Hidalgo

    Thanks for the article!

    There is a metric that shows in the Tymeshift documentation, "The Unassigned Unattended" that's not showing in this article nor in Tymeshift metrics. Would it be possible to enable? Or is it possible to measure something similar from the available metrics?

    The Unassigned Unattended Metric is useful to help agents that may be cherry picking unassigned tickets. I.e., browsing through views, opening a ticket and looking at it but taking no actual action such as submitting a comment, assigning the ticket, or changing the status. 

    Thank you





  • Eugene Cheok
    Hi Andy,
    The metric and documentation you are seeing is for a legacy reporting feature that is no longer available on the new Reports. With the current Report feature though, I would recommend taking a look at Bounced Points. Bounced Points would be a good replacement for the Unassigned Unattended point as it will show you the tickets that agents spent time on but no action was taken. This is similar to the Unassigned Unattended point and the only difference would be it ignores if the tickets are assigned to a user or not. 
    I hope this helps!

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