Cannot change formatting with code blocks

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  • Alan Ford

    This is a really negative impact on our typical support flows - highlighting blocks of logs and code is critical to a significant proportion of our tickets. Please can we emphasise the importance of this feature parity, or can we have the option to revert back to the legacy editor?

  • Miroslav Adzic

    We experiencing the same issue as mentioned by Chris here.

    Our devs feel that they lost the feature to highlight parts of the code and I would like to understand why this was disabled. Half of our agent were using this feature and we would like to have similar solution to be able to highlight parts of the code in some way.

    I also find it interesting that I was able to set formatting within code-block as I composed this forum post, but am no longer able to do the same within my zendesk agent ticketing system environment...

  • Przemyslaw Jurczak

    Hi Nara,

    how much it is "high number of upvotes/comments" for PM to consider revert this old feature?



  • James Henline


    This issue is now at 31 people in agreement. This forum is filled to the brim with complaints about the new editor and how it has broken functionality across your entire userbase. 

    This is not good. 

  • Thomas Wales

    As a software house, this is causing a massive issue for us and is making our code look amateur at best without indentation. 

    This needs to be corrected. 

    Any update?

  • Sriram Parthasarathy

    Support team,

     We have had to completely redefine our process and now place manual restrictions (via constant email reminders) on what our agents can and cannot copy and paste into tickets with respect to code, database manipulation language queries or ANY references to critical names that contain underscores in them. Some of our agents are non-technical staff members who have now stopped using Zendesk, because they are now spending double the time re-examining large code which they should not have to do, just to go back in and manually type in potentially lengthy strings with underscores in them manually.  Can you ask your development team to address this, and at the very least provide an option to disable the bolding and italicizing using asterisks and underscores? I am not sure how the convenience of quick italicizing is wholly important compared to highlighting something and pressing CTRL-i?

    This issue is not only a risk if code ever references similar objects that may or may not have underscores in them, but it has brought down workflow as a result. 

  • Nara
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Chris and Miroslav,

    Thank you both for bringing this concern regarding the new formatting to our attention. While at this time there are no plans to revert the formatting in the new composer, ultimately posts with a high number of upvotes/comments in this forum do get the attention of our product team for future dev work. So while we are unable to offer a fix in the short-term, posts like these are helpful points of feedback for ZD to look to for future work. We'll keep an eye on this thread.

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