Custom web SDK widget getting error when connecting

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Will! It's difficult to say based on this information, as I've never seen those error codes before. What differences do the clients have within their Zendesk instances? Do they have different plans, different agent permissions, etc?
  • Will Batty

    I think I have it figured out, the registration message below, and the following callout on API docs led me to investigating the plan level for our customer, the customer that is not working is Professional plan, the customer that is working is Enterprise, looks like the ZOPIM SDK is only available for Enterprise or Premium (Legacy) accounts. Confirmation if possible would be appreciated. 

    I noticed two differences in the registration message sent when the sdk loads: 
    Legacy implementation: { ... "source":"web_embeddable","source_ver":"!ERR", ... }
    New implementation: { ... "source":"web_sdk","source_ver":"1.11.2", ... }

    Legacy implementation Zendesk SDK/script src:[APIKEY]

    New implementation Zendesk SDK/script src:



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