Can we hide custom user fields?


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  • Rob Islam

    If you mean in terms of tickets, I believe there is an option when setting up or modifying a ticket field that sets the permissions. 

    • Agent only
    • Editable for end-users [Field can be edited by the end-user when submitting a request.]
    • Read-only for end-users
  • Graham Robson
    The OG - 2021

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes - you can natively hide fields from end-users, but not the inverse, agents will see all fields. 

    You'd need Zendesk Forms (Enterprise or Productivity Pack) to configure the agent field visibility. Otherwise, you'd need something like our CloudSET Conditionality App - a commercial app from the Zendesk Marketplace.

    In the following case, a conditional rule is shown that, will in effect, hide from agents, a field.

    If you want to hide fields for all i.e. you have some control fields. You can hide from end-users easier enough, but not agents. You can either use CloudSET Conditionality as above or use our CloudSET Tailoring App, which will more straightforwardly hide custom fields globally.

    Hope this helps

    Graham (CloudSET)




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