Messaging Bot Feature Request - Reusable Modules and flows

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  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Garegin

    Thanks for the feedback! We definitely have plans to support reusable answer content. To help us better understand your use case, can you share some examples of what types of answers need to be reused?

  • Isak Viste

    can you share some examples of what types of answers need to be reused?

    An example would be a Present Options followed by a Transfer to Agent
    I don't want to have to configure the transfer to agent fields for all the different flow if I decide to add a new field, so only being able to change it one place and all other flows call this specific flow would be very helpful!

  • Vahe Khumaryan

    Basically, this is about not duplicating any flow, but having reusable variables. Otherwise, the current logic is about duplicating all conversation flows. Thus any further change and edit is to be made from multiple areas, this is extremely not scalable.

  • Garegin Asatryan

    Hi Lisa!

    Agreeing on both points Vahe and Isak mentioned, furthermore, an example would be perhaps going into a fallback flow. Let's say there are 50 flows in a chatbot, I'd like to have the option to use 1 flow for all fallbacks and perhaps some of them have exceptions. 

    However, this does not end with the fallbacks, it'd be also scalable for other types of requests to not make duplicates and do the same job more than once.

    If there are more insights needed I'll be happy to provide them.

  • Toshihiko Kodama

    It is obvious that reusable answers have the following benefits:

    1. Huge bot flows can be created with minimal effort (no repeated copy & paste)
    2. The creation of bot flows can be shared among multiple members
    3. The ability to modify and change bot flow data with a minimum effort

    We are waiting for this to be implemented soon!

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hey, Lisa! We would use this extensively as well. We have copied all of our Agent Transfer steps, starting with the Business Hours rule, to every tree in our Flows. One of these includes a message used when it's outside of our Support hours (to set expectations with the customer about when they can expect to receive an email).

    When our response time estimates change, I have to manually update every single one of these message steps individually, in all trees. This is extremely time-consuming, and prone to human error.


    I would love to have reusable, Named Steps that I could edit outside of Flow Builder (this example step would be "named" something like Give Email Response Times), and have those changes apply to all places in the bot where that Named Step was used. 

    Basically we want Content Blocks, but for Flow Builder. :) 

  • Adeline Schneider

    Hello, we should also be able to give feedback on a block, for example if the user makes a mistake in a field, place a message and send it back to the field before "ask for details", that way we wouldn't have to redo the actions I don't know how many times.


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