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  • Nathan van Jole

    You can setup a webhook to call an API when a new ticket has been created. In the API you can wait 10/20 minutes and then do whatever you want. 

  • Ani


    Honestly, I wasn't expecting a response. Thank you so much for replying to my post! Let me elaborate the task here. We are looking to send an automated email to our messaging customers ONLY when 

    - the messaging ticket has been created 10/20 mins ago

    - there is no assignee on the ticket

    - ticket status is 'New'

    - Group is 'xyz'

    -Ticket tag is 'xyz-pqr'

    Currently, we are achieving this by automation but we have to set the 'hours since created' > 1 hour, which is not ideal.

    As per your post, I can set up the webhook at ticket created, right? Actually, I need a webhook/some other solution to call the API when it's been 10 mins AND all of the conditions above.

    Is there any way to achieve that using APIs? And I should be using the Zendesk Chat API right? for messaging tickets?




  • Nathan van Jole

    So it seems like you accomplished it using automations, but the only limitation is that the minimum hours since created is 1 hours.

    It doesn't feel right in that case to create a custom solution using webhooks - but you could. Or you could submit a request to Zendesk to allow to specify the time in minutes.

    The custom solution would look something like:

    - Trigger webhook when ticket gets created
    - Wait for e.g. 15 minutes
    - Retrieve the ticket again (through the Zendesk API)
    - Check if the ticket matches the conditions you listed (ticket tag, group, status, assignee)
    - If ticket matches the conditions, send email to customer

    You could use a long running serverless function which can get expensive depending on the load of tickets. Or you could ask an expert to implement a custom solution (e.g. using a state machine)

  • Nathan van Jole

    Another solution would be to have a repeating background job that retrieves all tickets that match the criteria and sends the emails. This would mean however, that you will have to keep track of which tickets you already processed.


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