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  • Maria Mendez

    Good morning everyone.
    How can I avoid going back to the first page when deleting a group of tickets on subsequent pages?
    It always comes back to the first page of tickets and that's not easy when you're managing hundreds of tickets.



  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Maria, 

    Are you deleting tickets in the bulk update toolbar in views? This seems to be expected behavior at the moment. The system will not know what will be the current page when someone updates in bulk, meaning when doing a bulk edit, it results in the change of the underlying page, the system cannot determine what tickets to render on the current page, hence it safely goes back to Page 1.

    This only happens when updating in bulk, if you delete the ticket from the ticket page itself, you should be returned to the current page of the view when the ticket tab closes.


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