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  • 洋平 早川

    An upper limit is set for each item. What will happen if the upper limit is exceeded? ??

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi 早川洋平!
    Thank you for messaging us. If ever the limit is exceeded there will be a messaging stating this once you reached it. 
    You can also refer to this ARTICLE for more information about Guide limits.
  • 洋平 早川

    Thanks Josh!!

    Let me ask you two additional questions.

    1.For example, what happens if the total number of topics reaches the limit and you try to add more topics? So will the topic be added? Or can't we add it?

    2.Is there an option to raise the limit?

  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Once you hit the 750 Topics limit, you won't be able to add additional topics and will be presented with a message in the browser. Also, I'm afraid to say that it's not possible to raise the limit of it. We encourage you to submit feedback regarding this by visiting this link.


    Customer Advocacy Team


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