Feature Request: Ability to View Questions Asked by Customers in Answer Bot

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  • Ryan Boyer

    This is a great enhancement request! This restriction (not being able to view questions from customers in Answer Bot when answer is "No" or no resolution) was one of the reasons we decided not to move forward with deploying it in our instance. 

  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi annie.wu and Ryan Boyer

    Just want to come back to you as we agree that it's valuable to see the questions where article recommendations were not helpful. We'll start exploring how we can include this signal into Content Cues and how we improve article suggestions in general. 

    Thanks for this great feature request! 

  • kanye west clothing

    Ability to See Customer Questions Asked in Answer Bot is a Feature Request.

    Summary of Feature Requests
    We need the ability to view customer inquiries that were not resolved or when the client answers "No" when asked whether the article helped answer their concern.
    Case Studies/Descriptions
    Zendesk Answer Bot only captures customers' queries if they have clicked "Yes" for "Does this article answer your question?" We need to be able to observe the queries that consumers ask when no resolution is chosen.
    The economic consequence of a constraint or a missing feature
    We have previously optimized our content as indicated. However, our resolution rate needs improvement. It's challenging to know what kind of articles we should produce to address the poor recommendation and resolution rates. It's helpful to see the type of questions people ask since it helps us deliver the proper response,but it doesn't help us produce articles helpful to customers who still need their answers answered.
    Additional resources or information demanded:
    I discovered a similar post here.
    I also saw that we could see content cues, but there was little information when I tested it.



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