Adding Trigger, Macro and Automation Functionality to Side Conversations

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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Wesley, thanks for the detailed feedback!

    We've definitely thought about ways to enable "nudging" for side conversations. Currently, automations only work with tickets, and they don't have a way to be associated with an individual side conversation. We have some ideas for how to do it outside of automations, but that also requires a lot of figuring out how/where that would be configured, etc. 

    As for macros, we've also thought about how macros could apply to existing side conversations. In your mind, how do you envision that working? Do you think of it as the addition of a new macro action like "reply to open side conversation" that would apply to whichever side conversation is open when the macro is called? Or more like "if a side conversation is open and a macro has an action for reply, apply it to the side conversation instead of the ticket"?

  • Wesley Jamison

    Hello Tony,

    I apologize I did not see your reply last month, but better late than never. 

    For Macros within side conversations, I think of it more along the lines of a new action as you mentioned first: "reply to an open side conversation". Our team primarily uses macros to quickly write public reply comments, which they use the "/" key to populate, however, they can not use them on the side conversations. They instead implement a workaround of filling in the public comment using a macro and then transferring the info using Ctrl + X to the side conversation email body.

    If there were somehow a way to "nudge" the side conversation, and control what the nudge message says and contains, then that would solve most of our issues, as the main time drain is manually sending nudges on side conversations rather than responding to actual updates that the third party provides via the side conversation. 

    IF... there were macro capabilities to add text to a side conversation, AND there was the ability to add Macros in a Trigger/Automation and then save the case/send the side conversation as if manually submitting the macro/sending the side conversation email, then I could see there being this functionality implemented by way of automation/trigger that adds a macro that populates a nudge message on a side conversation. 

    I hope this helped shed more light and makes more sense.

    Thank you,

    Wesley Jamison



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