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  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Aaron, thanks for writing in! 
    Adjusting the font size or the look of the drop-down field is not yet available in our admin settings but this can be achieved technically by editing your code and scripts inside your theme. You can follow some recommendations from these other users posted in the community as well:
    Increase Dropdown Option Font Size on Submit a Request Form 
    How to edit drop-down field design? 
    Feature Request: Submit a Request Drop down
    Just take note that if you are using on the standard theme, your theme will be a customized theme. If you are on a customized theme already, you can always reach out to your theme developer to edit the code. Thank you!
  • Aaron Opatz

    Thank you!  The "How to edit drop-down field design" post is just what I needed.  I added the nesty-panel code to my style.css and was able to get the drop down size increased.  



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