Sorting results by attribute in a table chart format

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    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you to Hillary Latham and everyone else for sharing your feedback here. 

    The ability to sort reports based on metrics makes total sense. We are currently working on the new version of the reporting experience. One of our goals is to simplify and speed up the report-building workflow. We will review this feature request and will see if sorting on metrics can be introduced with one of the upcoming releases. 

    I will provide an update once we will get close to working on the Sorting functionality. 

  • Louise Dissing

    +1 Would be really useful! 

  • Henkka (Pepron)

    This is a very important feature and used in Insights all the time.

    Does this mean we're unable to for example add a Last Updated date and sort via that too?

  • Kristin Bouveng

    I have struggled lots recently with trying to find ways to order columns, spending far too much time on trying to sort tables.

    It's beyond me how Explore have so many advanced calculations and manipulations, but a simple column sorting is not possible!

  • Ayal Kellman

    +1 for this as well




  • bill cicchetti

    Would love to see this added.  Hard to explain to the users why something deemed as basic as this is not available.  

  • Reshma Patel

    Agreed. Not sure why you are unable to sort on different columns, but this is must have functionality. 

  • iMIS 20-100 Support

    This is necessary functionality. I am required to sort by Assignee Name at times in the midst of a presentation. In Insights I was able to sort on the fly...Explore must have this functionality. Are we missing something within configuration? 

  • Terry Ehrhard

    Odd this is not setup as a default as this is very common in many reporting tools to be able to select the header column field and have it default to sort on that column, and then selecting the header column again to toggle between descending and ascending. 

  • Trevor Kanaya

    I can't express how much it boggles my mind that this basic feature of any reporting tool has failed to be added to Explore for so long. Explore has consistently been not only the poorest reporting tool, but far and away the poorest SAAS product I've ever used. Our company relies heavily on Zendesk data to make decisions both immediate and long term, and my team and I spend countless hours stuck on figuring out how to do things that should take seconds to set up in any passable software. Not to mention how often it seems that Explore is down altogether. They really should have had a lot more of this fleshed out before they forced us off of Insights, what was shipped wasn't even something I'd call an MVP, and here we are almost two years later with the same problems.

  • Jake Warren

    The fact that this isn't a feature today is extremely disappointing. Salesforce classic has this basic feature. It's the equivalent of adding data filter in excel. To allow for building a report in tabular format, but not being able to sort like this is maddening. This should be such an easy win for Zendesk to implement, but by the looks of it, is being ignored like most other basic misses in their functionality. 

  • Vanessa Radman

    Can someone confirm if that is what's happening to me? I've spent a substantial amount of time on this today...

    As shown in the two images below, when I hover over the "Tickets" column, I'm able to apply a sort to that column. However, I'm not able to sort by any of the columns that I have added as rows, such as "Resident Comfort" shown below. 

    Is this the feature that is still being worked on by the Zendesk team? If not, can you let me know if how to sort by the other columns, and which article/post covers how to do that? I don't have any columns hidden and I have "Allow column sorting" selected.

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Vanessa,

    "Allow column sorting" will simply allow you to sort on the metric value and not on any attributes. If you wish to sort on a specific attribute, you can check this article: Sorting results 

  • Joshua Bentley

    Zsa Trias - unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem because I don't believe Vanessa is wanting to sort on any metric, but on an attribute. In my case, which I believe is similar, I just want to be able to sort a metric table by assignee in alphabetical order. If I set the sorting as that article suggestions, I still have to choose a metric to sort...which isn't what I want.

    Having to export everything to Excel in order to manipulate the data like I want is getting tiresome.

  • Vanessa Radman

    Zsa Trias my issue is exactly as Joshua summarized, I want to be able to sort columns in a table alphabetically. Is this something that the product team has on the roadmap? It's one of the most important, missing features for me in Explore.


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