customer context view: customize fields and allow links


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  • Meredith Boorady

    Hello! We would also benefit from allowing custom user fields in the user profile part of the essential card. Now, it only gives us name, email, phone, and a notes box. We have some other important information that we would like to be able to add there.

  • Mark Weissman

    You can add my vote as well!

  • Lily

    Hello! we would really benefit from adding the description field or adding other fields to the essential card. Our workflow heavily relies on adding customer's profile links to the description field. We've been doing this for years. So it's time consuming for our agents to have to go back the profile and look for the link. 


  • Brett Elliott
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    I'm very pleased to let ya'll know that the essentials card is now configurable for all those on Enterprise plans. Announcement here.

    My team are currently working on making URL's in text fields render as clickable links. I'll let ya'll know when that's release too.


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