Ticket created via talk doen't use different ticket form instead of default


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    Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Gulzar Shikalgar,

    Have you tried to create a trigger that based on the channel of the ticket being "Phone Call Inbound" changes its form? Like the screenshot below:

  • Gulzar Shikalgar

    Hi Widson Reis


    I tried the suggested approach.

    We have the capability to make form changes after a call connects and a ticket is created with the Default form, which, in our case, is 'General.' Please refer to the event screenshot for more information.

    However, I still have concerns regarding the suggested approach. Our preference is to select the form at the time of ticket creation rather than all ticket events. Therefore, we would need to implement a 'Meet ALL conditions' rule with Ticket > is > Created.

    My query/request is whether Zendesk can understand and create a ticket directly with the provided form type based on the Channel. I would prefer to avoid the situation where a ticket is initially created with the Default form and then a trigger is required to change the form.


    1. Talk -> Talk ticket form
    2. Email -> Email ticket form


  • Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Gulzar Shikalgar,

    I see what you mean. I think you just need to add the condition "Ticket is created" to your trigger. See the screenshot:


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