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    Andrew J

    Any way to reset it - get rid of bulk articles that are no longer relevent?

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    Edward Voisin

    What if I only want to temporarily deactivate my Help Center? Is there a way to restore (reactivate) my Help Center and still retain all of my Articles from before? Or will deactivating wipe everything? 

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    Thomas Moreau



    What happens if deactivated? Do we lose everything?

    We are thinking of using ZD only for our tickets, but our knowledge base would be stored somewhere else. I'd like to understand how we can manage this.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Thomas!

    Disabling your Help Center just makes it so it's not visible to your customers Everything stays exactly has you have it, and your agents and HC managers can access everything that's there.

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    Lisa S

    Hi there,

    What is the difference in steps to deactivate only one brand of the Help Centre, please?


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