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    Heather R

    How do we change the color of the star and/or change it from a star to something else?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Heather!

    This would require some customization on CSS side of things, I'm pretty sure. We've got some great CSS experts here in the Community so hopefully they'll be able to help you out with details!

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    Hi Jennifer,

    You mentioned "Promoted articles might also appear by default on the home page, depending on your theme."  Right now anytime we promote an article in any category/section it shows up on our home page.  


    We have some scenarios where we just want a to promote an article within a category and not have it show up on our home page as we have 3 distinct users on our system.  Is there a way to just have a promoted article show up in a category or a section only?




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