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  • Intekhab Hussain

    The link you provided as Legacy Plan page actually compare the Lite and Professional plans only.

    Specially I wish to know if the client portal available now where they can check and update their requests will be available or not.

  • Jim Stratton

    I have the same comment/question, which I see has not been answered in more than three months...

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Intekhab and Jim,

    Sorry for the confusion about this. I've updated the article to be clearer. 

    The link shows the Guide plan features at the time of the Guide launch. The Professional column shows all the features in the Professional plan, which are also the features included in the Legacy plan. So refer to the Professional column.



  • Helle Buhl

    The guide comparison plan is very nice. But - I have the legacy plan, and I would like to be able to compare this plan to the others.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Helle,

    Guide Legacy is the same as Guide Professional in the plan comparison.


    Hope that helps!

  • Mariliam

    Hi Jennifer, 

    I notice some inconsistencies between the Pro plan and my current Guide legacy plan. I actually have some features that are available on Enterprise and not on Pro on the lists you shared. Can I assume that this is different depending on accounts and tenure? 

    The benefits of Enterprise VS Legacy are so low on my case that moving to Enterprise doesn't make any sense, for the same reason, the benefits are minimal and the price is quite high.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Mariliam,

    Which features in particular are you referring to? You are correct and there may be some features available to you that were released prior to the new Guide plans available. Customers on Support Team/Professional/Enterprise were automatically converted over to Guide legacy because of when their account was initially created. 

    Happy to look into the individual features to confirm if you can provide more information :) 

  • Mariliam

    Hi there Brett, 

    Thanks for getting back. As per the comparison link, the features we have that are "Enterprise only" are the following:

    1. Integrated Knowledge Capture app with publishing workflow
    2. Identify knowledge gaps with Content Cues
    3. Multiple help centers
    Which means the only features we are missing (while on Legacy) are:
    1. Article lifecycle management with Team Publishing
    2. Article update assignments with Team Publishing
    3. Editing and publishing permissions (which I assume are intermediate, but can't really tell)
    4. Multiple theme templates
    So as a Legacy, we're only missing Team publishing and multiple theme template (which I'm not interested in), and it seems like a steep price to pay to move all agent seats to Enterprise for 1 feature. 
  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Mariliam,

    Knowledge Capture and Multiple Help Centers was released prior to May 2, 2017 which is why these are available to you.  The above article states "Guide Legacy includes all existing Help Center functionality prior to the Guide release on May 2, 2017, plus any Guide Professional features released since that date." 

    As for Content Cues, this is in Early Access currently which would explain why you have access to this feature. This feature will only be available on Guide Enterprise once it's been fully released.

    Hope this clears up any confusion!

  • Mariliam

    That makes more sense! Thanks for the clarification Brett. 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Happy to help Mariliam :)


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