How can I view a list of my suspended end users without exporting? Follow



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    Elyssa Kolber

    Is there a way to see the reason a user was added to the suspended list?  When looking at suspended tickets, it lists the cause of suspension, but that same column feature does not seem to be available for the user list.

    Also, is there a way, while looking at that larger list of suspended users, to bulk approve/whitelist them?  It looks like I can delete bulk users, but I can't approve in bulk.

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    Daniel Yousaf

    Hi Elyssa!

    I've responded to your question via the ticket you submitted to Support, but I wanted to close the loop here.

    Unfortunately it's not possible to list suspended users with suspension cause, or a way to bulk un-suspend users.  This is a feature request that has generated a lot of discussion.  I would advise adding your feedback to this post:

    List of Suspended Users


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