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  • Morgan King

    It seems that the change of where the Advanced Search was located has caused odd behavior with the new simple search - has anyone else experienced this?


    When we enter our search if we hit enter it works perfectly, however, if we hit the search icon itself our entry is completely deleted and no search is activated.


    It seems like this is leftover from when the icon helped you get to Advanced Search and is now doing an action it shouldn't be (removing search text/reloading search).


    Has anyone else experienced this or is this completely unrelated?

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Morgan,

    I just want to make sure I understand – so you're talking about clicking the search icon once to open the search text box, entering your search terms, and then clicking the search icon again (which at that point is inside the search text box)?

  • Dave Dyson

    Ah, I see it looks like your colleague Meg entered the same thing in our product feedback forums: Search Icon, reloads search widget. I'll see what I can find out.

  • Rina

    I didn't see it in the article, but can someone confirm whether we're able to search by what channel the ticket originated? For instance, looking for tickets which came from messaging?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Katrina!
    Thank you for messaging us.
    If you are using the standard search function, the information about channels is not available. However, you can use Zendesk Explore to create a report by channels. However, if you are only checking single tickets you can check them by events.
  • Hector


    I am looking to  create a query that combines two parameters and the result should be all the tickets that meet either of the two criteria im putting in the query (almost like having an OR operand).

    The query im using is updated:2021-12-22 created:2021-12-22 , but this is being treated as an exclusive (AND) query returning only the tickets that meet both criteria and not either of them.  Any idea how i can accomplish what i'm looking for?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Dan Borrego
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Hector, 

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use AND or OR as operators in an advanced search. 
    Although, if you are using 2 values of a field that doesn't accept multiple values the system automatically understands you are searching for one value OR the other (e.g. status:open status:new), in the example you provided it is impossible to receive a response the way you are looking for (Tickets created on 2021-12-22 OR Tickets updated on 2021-12-22).

    Please feel free to post any other questions you may have.
  • Adrien Flammarion

    Hi Hector,

    Of course in your case, if a ticket is created on 2021-12-22 it is also updated on the same day. The updatedAt date is automatically populated on ticket creation.

    So you could just use one criteria: updated:2021-12-22 and you should get what you want. (tickets updated on that day, which includes ticket created on that day).

    Hope this helps.


  • Qin Brian


    Can we adjust the options in Via?

    I want to check tickets from Google Play, but there is no clear option

  • Dion
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Qin,

    It looks like we do not have any options to edit the "via" option in the advanced search app to include tickets from Google Play at the moment. 


  • Asmita W

    I want to search users by custom fields. I am using the query :
    .../api/v2/search.json?query=type:user custom_field_<field_id>:<field_value>

    replacing <field_id> by my custom field id and <field_value> by search value but it is not giving me any data:

    "results": [],
    "facets": null,
    "next_page": null,
    "previous_page": null,
    "count": 0
    Can someone guide me? Anything to find for custom_fields ???
  • Kai Schmitte

    No ability to search for a specific mail domain? 
    I'm looking for all ticket requestors that use a mail address with a specific mail domain - to identify users which should belong to the company (organization), but are currently not assigned to the organization. 

    Currently the search for phrase (" ") operator does not ensure that the format domain.tld is used, but it searches for the two words next to each other.

    It would be needed to 

    1) Have a search that will only look into the mail addres of the user

    2) Have a phrase search that works letter by letter - means that no altering of the search phrase is done, no fuzzy search

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Kai,
    You can refer to Searching for users by email domain.
    Hi Asmita,

    Please refer to Searching custom user and organization fields.
  • Claudia L

    Hi, Why is the app fiels in french and english mixed up together ? 

  • Sebastian

    How to search for all agents excluding light agents and admins?

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sebastian

    You can try searching using this:

    type:user role:agent role:admin

    The list includes light agents as well. 

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Claudia L

    I created a ticket on your behalf, and I’ll continue to assist you from there. Kindly check your email for updates. Thank you!

  • James Rhodes

    Ok thanks a million


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