Using Google Tag Manager with your help center

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  • Taylor Goldsberry

    Does this track activity within articles? Will this track user IDs? 

    My goal is to understand what my users are clicking within the guide. For example, If I embed a youtube video does ZD or GA track click through metrics?


  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Taylor, thanks for the question!

    I can understand the need to keep track of what is going on in your help center! The Google Analytics code described in this document and on this one here - - will be tracked within Google Analytics.

    These process on our help center are meant to help describe the implementation process but gathering information and reading the results is something that will need to be done on the Google side of things. 

    I hope this offers you a point to start from. For more information about what information is tracked I would recommend working with Google directly.

  • Iris Vermeulen

    I was happy to find this article. However, when I tried to find the right place to paste the snippet, my view does not correspond with the article steps.

    I am talking about this step:

    Add the embed code to your Help Center

    Now you'll paste the embed code from Google Tag Manager into two templates in your Help Center theme.

    1. In Guide, click the Customize design icon () in the sidebar, then click Edit theme.
    2. Paste the first snippet in the Document Head template


    With number 1, I can click on the Customise design icon, but I am unable the find the Edit theme button, let alone end up in the menu that is showed on the image. 

    Where do I have to paste the 2 snippets?

    Please help

  • Andy

    This article appears to be out of date.

    After clicking on the eyeball and getting a list of themes, I can "View Theme" but not edit.

    if I view the theme, I'm given the option to "Edit Code" but that gives a scary - " if you edit the code you won't get any updates to the them from ZenDesk".

    there's got to be a simple way to add tag manager. 

    looking forward to your support.


  • Sophie McMonagle

    Iris Vermeulen and Andy, I've updated the instructions to make this a bit clearer.

    You need the Professional or Enterprise plan to be able to edit your theme code.  Also, I can confirm that this is the correct mechanism to add Google Tag Manager.  By adding Google Tag Manager you are customizing the Copenhagen theme, so the warning is just letting you know that your theme is then no longer linked to any updates that are deployed as part of the Copenhagen theme.

    I hope that helps.

  • Rebecca McMurry

    I found this Google PDF that explains two options. I believe I fall into Option 1. Do I need to install the container, or do I simply add the Google Analytics code snippet to the document_head.hbs? 

    Thanks for the help!

  • Geerten Goossens

    Rebecca McMurry maybe a little late but I came across this clear video:  Maybe it helps

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Just wanted to share for everyone that I checked and Geerten's link does, in fact, go to a relevant video. It's safe to click. :) 

  • Bill Bailey

    Are these instructions up to date? At the first steps it says, click Edit Theme. I do not have that function. I have Customize link for the current live theme. If I click that, then my option is to Edit code.  And then I have a document_head.hbs file. Is that the same thing as the Document Head template shown above?


  • Geerten Goossens

    Yes, pasting the GTM script in document.head.hbs should do the trick. You also need the header.hbs ofcourse... (like what the article advises).


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