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    Ramakrishna Guntupalli

    How can i have a widget in my theme to change my password?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Ramakrishna!

    There isn't anything native that would allow this, but you might be able to build something custom using our API!

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    Filip Vertommen

    Can I change the layout/content of the email that is being sent in step 4 of the above procedure? I've been looking for the template, but cannot locate it in the Zendesk settings I'm afraid. 

    A pointer to the right location would be appreciated.


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    Hi Filip,

    Thanks for reaching out to Zendesk Customer Advocacy. Unfortunately, while most end-user notifications can be changed, the reset password notification is not currently modifiable. I recommend going to our product feedback page to submit a request for a modifiable reset password notification. Product feedback is the best way our customers' voices can be heard regarding feature requests and product changes.

    Best regards

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