Organize incoming tickets with multiple email addresses

Two important aspects of building your support workflow are collecting and processing your incoming tickets. You want to make it easy for your customers to contact you, but you also need an easy way to sort through all the various requests.

One way to handle this is to create multiple email addresses for customer requests, rather than using one general email address.  So, for example, you might set up,, and to collect customer requests. You can set up as many email addresses for tickets as you need (or enable the wildcard emails option).

Now, with multiple support addresses in place, you can process incoming email based on which email address it was sent to. Instead of having one big, cluttered email inbox, your Zendesk can determine which email address the request was sent to and act upon it.

Suppose you run an online clothing store and you need to handle returns from customers. Instead of having those customers send return requests to your general support email, for you to then pass along to your Returns Department, you can set up an email address called and set up a businness rule to automatically route return tickets to your Returns Department. That's collecting and processing in one step.

To set this up in your Zendesk:

  1. Add a support address for support address.

    Additionally, if you are using your own email domain, set up as well. 
  2. If you are using a variation of your Zendesk address (, skip this step.

    If you are using an external email domain (, forward email received at to
  3. Create a trigger that routes tickets received at address to your Returns Department group.

    It might look something like this:



Repeat these steps for as many email addresses as you need to organize your incoming requests!


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    Jason Dugdale

    Is it possible to do something similar to organise tickets coming from email addresses with different domains?

    We have support messages being sent from and, and we want to be able to filter these tickets depending on which site they were sent from

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    Matthew Latkiewicz

    Hi Jason - 

    Absolutely.  It works the exact same.  All that matters is that you forward to one zendesk address and support@anotherdomain to a second one.  So for instance:

    Then you create your filter based on the zendesk addresses as indicated above. Let me know if that doesn't make sense or if you have further questions.

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    Naama Nachmani

    And how do we get the e-mails to be sent out with the original mail address? 

    For example:

    I have returns@mycompany forwarded to ; and support@mycompany forwarded to

    I would like replays to returns@mycompany to be sent out to customers from returns@mycompany, and replays to support@mycompany to be sent from support@mycompany.

    Is that possible?

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    Hey Naama: 

    You'll want to setup_ pass through_ email. Check out these articles: 

    ** Changing the default reply address

    Enabling personalized email replies

    Setting up email pass through **

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    Naama Nachmani

    But there is only one *default reply email address * field - so this will work only for one outgoing account.

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    Enabling pass through email overrides your default reply address. Check out the links posted in my previous comment. 

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    John Baker

    I need the ability to see who was also Sent the email and also be able to process the CC list in a trigger. 

    We have the problem where we are sent mails, but the mail is also sent to our IT support which use a different system. At present we cannot even see the TO: list and rely on checking in outlook which defeats the purpose of ZenDesk. 

    Obviously we are trying to educate people, but that's not perfect and we need a solution in ZenDesk 

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    Ingmar Heinrich

    Hi, can I set up catch all address, or wildcards like FOO*

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    Brandon K.

    @John: If you go to the events view on your tickets (in the new interface it is 'events' at the top right, in classic it is 'all events and notifications' and is located under the submit button) you should be able to click 'Show email' next to the event showing you where the email was received at under the initial comment. You can then see who it was send to, as well as the headers under the source tab. As for processing CCs with a trigger, unfortunately the only action you can take regarding CCs with a trigger is to add your agents as a CC to the ticket.

    @Ingmar: Zendesk will automatically process all emails received at the domain There is no need to set up an address as every combination of numbers and letters before is valid as an address.

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    Anna Giulia Cescon


    referring to what Jason said 

    "Hi Jason - 

    Absolutely.  It works the exact same.  All that matters is that you forward to one zendesk address and support@anotherdomain to a second one.  So for instance:

    Then you create your filter based on the zendesk addresses as indicated above. Let me know if that doesn't make sense or if you have further questions."

    When an agent reply to a request, how can I set that the Reply To seen by the customer is the one to which the request was sent to?

    To make more clear:

    cutomer1 write to -> mail received at

    reply from: -> customer1 see the sender email address 

    The same with: 

    cutomer2 write to -> mail received at

    reply from: -> customer2 see the sender email address 

    Thank you

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    Laura D.

    Hi Anna, 

    If you want the reply-to address to match the address the customer sent their request to then you'll need to enable Email Pass Through which is a way of maintaining the same address for the customer no matter if they are replying to a message from your Zendesk, getting an email from your Zendesk, or writing to you for the first time. To set it up go to Settings > Channels > Email and the enable "Pass through email addresses" option. 

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    Gail Gloria


    We have multiple email addresses for support and it is by country. we set up zendesk and set up agents who will answer emails from Italy, Spain, Germany etc. using our own email addresses. We want incoming emails/tickets to automatically go directly to the agents zendesk. how can we do that?

    Like for example, people who emailed from Germany will go to Agent germany in zendesk, email from italy will go to Agent italy in zendesk. I believe we can forward emails but how can we  forward those emails in zendesk to those particular agents? 

    Please advise.



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    Trisha Patel

    @Gail - Are you using different email addresses per language such as

  • Avatar
    Gail Gloria

    @trish yes we are using, etc.. and we want emails to automatically filter per country..lets say email from germany will go directly to user.

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    Hi Gail, 

    What you want to do is definitely possible and can be accomplished like this:

    1. Establish your support email addresses with the same email domain. In other words, support.german and support.spain each have a different phrase preceding the @ symbol, but everything after the @symbol is the same (i.e.

    2. Set up email forwarding for each of your support email addresses. 

    3. To reduce customer confusion, ensure the reply from your Zendesk will match the specific support email address the customer was trying to reach by changing your default reply email address, setting up email pass-through and establishing an SPF record

    4. Now that the default reply address matches the domain (i.e. of all your varying support addresses, you can build triggers that route the support.german tickets to the German Support Group and the support.spain tickets to the Spanish Support Group (and so on and so forth). You will need a separate trigger for each support address you have. Under meet all of the following conditions, you'd use the following two conditions:


    IMPORTANT: The explanation that started this Support Tip references a company that is using an email domain. Since you will be using a custom email domain, you will need to enter the full email address in the "Ticket: Received at" condition field.

    Under "Perform these actions," you can tell the trigger to assign the ticket to an Agent or Group from your Zendesk. 

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    We set this up exactly as described in the article and yet new tickets are not heading to the relevant Group we desire?

    What could we be doing wrong... Emailed zendesk Support for help and well got... no support. Told to hit the forums.

    There is a bit of irony in there me thinks. Are we with the right Support Desk Software company??

    I welcome any assistance to help restore the faith over here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Paul, 

    As a Starter subscriber, you're welcome to request support from the forums. Email support is available to Regular, Plus and Enterprise subscribers. 

    The example above starts with the step of setting up email forwarding, so is forwarded automatically to The trigger is then built to spot tickets received at the latter email address, In reviewing your account, I see your trigger is set to receive tickets at the former email address (the Please switch that to the address that is forwarding into (so switch it to and let me know if it still doesn't work.

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    Christopher Cole

    I'm not authorized to access the email pass through page?!? Can someone help me out? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Christopher!

    I see you're an admin in your Zendesk, so you should be able to access the email settings without a problem.

    To clarify, Pass-Through Email Addresses has been replaced with a new, better feature: Support Addresses. This means that the Pass-Through Email settings have been removed from the Email settings page and are no longer accessible. You'll see the Support Address settings instead.

    I hope that clears things up a bit! If you're talking about something else entirely, please let me know. :)