How can I use automations to send alerts when a ticket needs a reply?

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  • shilpa shetty


    I want to create an notification alert to my production department as and then a technical complaint ticket is raised by the customer. I am not able to identify perfect condition to achieve it by using triggers or automations. can you help me with this?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi shilpa shetty,

    Depending how you have your Zendesk set up, you can do this in a couple ways (and maybe a couple more that I missed so maybe someone else has an idea too!).

    The tricky part will be for you to determine how you're going to let Zendesk know that a given ticket is a technical complaint. This needs to be a field or checkbox or something like that. If your tickets are created by email, maybe you can use triggers to look for certain words like "complaint" or "bug" or a string like "doesn't work" and then use that trigger to set the Complaint field to Yes. (or whatever field/indicator you want to use).

    Once you know how Zendesk can tease the kind of ticket, then you can use it!

    Option 1: Add your distribution email for your Production Department as a user and make it an Agent (Light Agent works just fine). You can now use that "agent" to send emails to as part of your trigger. Have the trigger look for Complaint field = yes.

    Option 2: Make the Production Department a group and add the members of the department into that group. Do a similar trigger as Option 1 but instead of a distribution email you can email the Zendesk Group.

    Give that a try! If I've missed the mark, maybe you can share more about your use case and setup and I can give another go at solving it with you.




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