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    Chris Hardie

    We have some cases where an agent inadvertently sets a ticket to "Open" without making an initial user-facing reply. The example given here only works for tickets that are "New." How can we detect tickets of any status that don't have an initial reply?

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    Kayla Schmidt

    Hi Chris, I believe you should be able to accomplish what you’re looking for with a trigger. I’ve created an example in my test account and you can tweak as needed and edit the email body to your liking, but basically this trigger would look for whenever Agent replies are zero and the ticket Status is Open. Then you can perform the action of emailing a specific user or a whole group notifying that there is an open ticket with zero agent replies. It seemed to do the trick with my testing, so I hope it helps with your workflow! 

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    Is there anyway of notifying all agents within Zendesk instead of sending them an email? We are trying to notify all agents when a ticket comes through from a specific channel. Thanks.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Thomas! Welcome to the Community!

    There isn't any functionality that allows that built into the product, and I'm not able to find any apps that do this either. The closest thing I found was the Notification App, but it's not automated.

    Another option would be to use our API to create an app of your own that does this. You can find our API resources here.

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    Heather R


    We use Slack as a way to alert agents that prefer a non-emailed alert.  There is a desktop and phone app and they work great!

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