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All customers are important, but every business has their VIPs. Maybe it’s a big account, maybe it’s the paid users on your freemium product, or maybe you just want to make sure tickets from some people get a bit more visibility.

One of the most powerful things you can do with tickets is to use triggers to route them to the right people and groups as they come in . User and Organization tagging is an invaluable tool for doing this better, and one that you should definitely consider using if you aren’t already!

Turning it on Tags on users and organizations

To get started, go to Settings > End-Users or Manage icon ( manage_icon.png ) > Settings > Customers in Lotus, scroll down, select the Tags on users and organizations and click Save Tab .


Tagging a user

Now that you’ve turned this on, let’s start by tagging a user. Go to Manage > People or Manage icon ( manage_icon.png ) > Manage > People in Lotus and click Edit next to any of your end-users. You’ll see a new Tags field. Take a look at the example below, I’ve gone ahead and tagged this test user as a VIP:


Tagging a bunch of users

Tagging one user at a time is all well and good but it's not necessarily scalable. That’s where Organization tagging really shines. If you go to Manage > People or Manage icon ( manage_icon.png ) > Manage > People in Lotus and click Organizations under the search bar then click Edit next to the organization of your choice, you’ll see the same new Tags field. Want to make sure that all tickets from your premium users are tagged? Put them in the same organization and entering the tag here will do the trick! If you’ve already sorted your customers into organizations and you have more than one VIP organization, no problem, you can add the same tags to any number of organizations you want.

You can also add tags when bulk importing/updating users and organizations!

Taking advantage of User/Organization tags

In Zendesk Support, there are any number of things you can do with tags. You can limit access to forums, you can do more accurate ticket searches, you can create views, or you can create conditions based on those tags in your Automations and Triggers. For a full breakdown, check out our User/Organization tagging documentation .

That said, I did want to highlight one really common use case here, which is using a tag in a trigger to automatically assign ticket properties. Let’s say I want to make sure that all of my VIP tickets go to my Premium Support Group. Take a look at the trigger I’ve created by going to Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications or Manage icon ( manage_icon.png ) > Business Rules > Triggers in Lotus. This trigger looks for tickets created with the ‘vip’ tag, assigns them to the right group, bumps the priority to High, and sends an email notification to that group to make sure they know it’s time to get to work!

Tagging your users and organizations is an extremely useful feature, and one I really hope you’ll consider taking advantage of. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at !

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