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    Sean Morrissey

    Its a great tool for sending text messages for urgent tickets or after-hour phone calls. Is there a trick to modifying the url to open on a mobile device. The url opens an unsupported media type, then I have to select full site to open the ticket..

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    Christopher McLoughlin

    Hi Sean,

    I've taken a look at your concern about the URL in your text messages. I've decided to take a deeper look into your specific issue and created a ticket. I will be sending you the information shortly.

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    Emily Littlefield

    I'm using Brands and when sending emails using this feature it is sending the email from our Default email address. Is there a way to set it to the email address of a specific Brand instead? My concern is that the emails look like they are coming from our Default email and Brand and not the correct Brand.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Emily!

    If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you're proactively emailing your customers in this scenario, rather than responding to something they've sent to you. If this is the case, there's an app you can add to your Zendesk that will let you choose which Support Address your communication should be coming from. You can find it here: Select an Address.

    It's a very simple, straight-forward app, but it's important to note that it's one of our Zendesk Labs apps so it's not officially supported

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if I misunderstood your question!

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    Emily Littlefield

    Hi Jessie-
    Thanks for the suggestion of the Zendesk Labs app but what I want to do is set the FROM email address for messages sent to External Targets using Triggers, not from within Tickets. Since we have several email addresses in our system and use Multibrand it is confusing for the Targets to get an email from an email address that is not associated with the correct Brand. The system uses my Default email address and there doesn't seem to be a way within the "Notify Target" option to set which FROM email address is used.

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    Colin Piper

    Emily, take a look at the post below. I have not tried it in this precise scenario and the fact that yes have stressed the external notification element may suggest that the recipient field of a ticket is ignored in this scenario.

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    Brad Johnson

    Right now I've got this setup to notify an external vendor when a certain custom field is selected by an agent; however I can't stop the trigger from firing after every update to the ticket. This is resulting in multiple emails to the vendor and causing a lot of confusion. Is there a way to set the trigger to only fire once on a ticket? I know I could change "Ticket is..." from "updated" to "created" but the custom field is usually not set at time of creation. 

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Brad!

    You should be able to fix this by adding a tag to the ticket. 

    You can add an action to the ticket that adds a tag when the trigger fires the first time. You'd then add a condition to the trigger as well, that specifies that the trigger will fire only when that tag is NOT present.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Deanna Cocco

    We are using triggers based on specific text in comments to send an email outside of Zendesk for various purposes.

    For example, we often find that we need to route questions through other team members who aren't Zendesk users in our organization, or sometimes we want to notify a requester's manager, but we don't want to actually add that person as a cc on the ticket, nor do we want the requester to be notified of the email exchange.

    So, we are adding text like "@internal" to a comment, and this then fires off a trigger with the ticket details to the assignee (presumably the assignee is the same person who needs to send the external email). From there, the assignee has all of the info they need and can forward through their regular email client, like Outlook.

    This solution isn't perfect. Obviously the trigger is only flexible enough to send emails to specific people or email addresses, but it's a work around.

    We, too, are really hoping for something simple like a button to "send ticket to default email client".

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    Daniel Cooper

    We use this feature a lot, but as I read through this, I was thinking that it would be simpler to lift this functionality up into the trigger and automation directly.  Add a Notify Email action that effectively builds the target in the workflow.  

    Usually what gets me with Targets is that there is a subject line established on the target.  If I need to send a different email to the same email address, I have two targets and two triggers instead of just two triggers.  

    I think that triggers take a little bit of time to understand, but it's something most Zendesk admins likely have to learn.  However targets abstracts even further and most users probably don't have to use this feature so the value proposition of emailing an external email address isn't there. 

    Another pain point I have with email targets is that I'd love to use placeholders in the email form.  We have employees that have the same email structure where networkid changes, but it's a field we know.  Most of our employees don't send from this address, but they can receive emails at it and it's built into several internal systems because it's the easiest way to guarantee someone gets the email.  I'd love to be able to add a {{user.custom_fields.networkid}} option into the email field.  (the placeholder is probably not correct with how the placeholder structure is actually in place today, but it should get the point across).

    Overall, this feature works, and works well.  Just a few recommendations from me.  


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    Robert Leong

    Is there a way that when the external email is notified, that when they reply back to that email, that it either

    1. It replies back to the zendesk ticket that it came from

    2. it replies back to the requester of the ticket

    We're trying to create a workflow where when an employee fills out the ticket form, and if he/she selects a specific category, that his/her question is redirected to an external email (like our insurance broker). But right now, when the insurance broker replies to that email, it generates a brand new ticket into ZD.

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    Daniel Yousaf

    Hi Robert!

    Thanks for the question.  There are a couple ways you could do this, using CC or Triggers.  I'm pulling this into a ticket, since I may need to look at your account to get this going.  You'll hear from me soon! 

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    David Szczurak

    Hi Daniel,


    I have precisely the same question as Robert.

    Please talk a bit about the options you mentioned... I wasn't able to find a method to allow target replies to be threaded into the original ticket based on your mentions of CC or triggers.



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