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    Candace Alexandres

    Is there any way to enter a few lines of text that can appear under the form title after the user has selected the form? 

    I'm trying to keep the form titles as simple as possible but I'd like the opportunity to explain in further detail what the intended use(s) of the form are in case there is any confusion. 

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    James Sanford

    Hey Candace!

    There is not a description field available for Ticket Forms but there is one available for Ticket Fields (the field will need to be visible and editable to end-users).  Your method of making the titles as simple and clear as possible would be the best option at this time.


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    Maggie Ungerboeck

    Is there a way to control the styling on the ticket form page?  We have text that describes the Priority level that we want to do paragraph breaks in but I can't find the page styling to do this.  If I enter HTML into the description field, it doesn't respect it on the Ticket Form page.  Any ideas?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Maggie!

    Provided that you're on Guide Professional, you have access to the HTML, JS, and CSS in your Help Center.

    For your purposes, I think that just making some additions to the HTML of the New request page should get you where you need to go.

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    Jenna Packard


    Is there a way to add attribution to the forms? I'd like to be able to tie traffic source to each form that is submitted. 



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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Jenna - 

    Welcome to the Zendesk Community! I encourage you to head over to the Welcome Thread in The Lounge to introduce yourself.

    I asked around a bit internally about your question, and the suggestion was to set up a trigger to tag submissions based on the form. 

    Let me know if that would work, otherwise there may be some deeper things we can dig into.


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