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  • Chuck Martin

    Where can I learn more about this "in app assistance icon," how it works, and how it is set up and configured?

    (BTW, when I saw the title of this article, my first reaction was (you don't want "traffic" on your user assistance site because you want your product to just work. But we know that's not realistic. That said, I'd assert that getting user assistance from directly within an application is the optimal use case (no one EVER wants to search), and I might recommend putting this section up higher in your article.) 

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Chuck Martin,

    I went ahead and shared the Community tip; this article is referencing, where you can learn more about in app assistance icons. I also included a link to the Pendo app, which we use inhouse for the same purpose for our internal user outreach.

    Repurposing knowledge base content

    Pendo App

    Best regards. 

  • Chuck Martin

    Thanks Devan. That first article is interesting as it tells me what I know I would want to do, but not how, other than "you're going to need your programmers to write some code to use the ZD API." What I'd be really interested in is how to strip out all the chrome to display only an article's contents in such a window. But the line "if you have developers building your own site / application – they can achieve something similar using the Zendesk API" struck me as a lack of awareness of what we as technical writers doing content development face: We almost never have extra developer resources to do this work, unless we're a large enterprise. And large enterprises aren't using ZDG, but CCMSs, for all their content development and management.

    If you go look at the myriad of user assistance development tools (a good resource is here:, you'll see that they have their own built-in functionality, typically through their own libraries and APIs, to provide context-sensitive functionality. Because this is a function of user assistance, it's typical to expect the content development tool to provide that, not require a company that wants it to build it themselves. (Here, I've already been planning to work on getting that built ourselves, but I wish we didn't have to.)

    I've used Pendo before. I'd never recommend it. If you wanted an example of how not to design an application for the development of content, Pendo would be one of my top choices. (To be fair, what it does is beautiful. Getting it to do that is one reason why I have much less hair than I used to.)

  • Victoria

    Hello - the same question from me.  How do I get the app assistance icon working? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Victoria,

    The in app assistance icon was set up by another Zendesk user and is not officially supported by Zendesk. This would require custom code to set this sort of functionality up on your website so I'd recommend getting your developers involved to assist further. If you're using dotmailer as mentioned in the user tip, you may want to reach out to their team for help.

    Apologies for not being able to provide more guidance here.


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