Managing community posts (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Andrew McIntyre

    @Nicole, I am happy to report that our team's Zendesk administrator figured out a way to automatically ingest (keyword) activity, i.e., a new post or a new comment, on our Community directly into our Agent's tickets.

    I don't have details about the exact tools and workflow she created, but my understanding is that she created a dummy GSuite email address, subscribed to all of the topics in the Community, and then used Gmail scripting to change the Community Activity Email Notification's reply-to address. The latest activity notification in a thread is then forwarded once every hour to our support request email address.

    It has saved us countless hours of work since she implemented the system and it allows us to manage all incoming requests, both tickets and new comments on the Community, in a single place. A major limitation of the system is that agents have to go to the Community to respond but it's much easier than relying on two different tools.

    She is willing to share more details if anyone is interested in learning about what she did.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing, Andrew. That's definitely an interesting way to do it! I'm going to pass that along to our dev team. 

  • Sahar Padash

    Hi Nicole,

    Any updates on this article

    We made this change a while back, and I need to go in and update it but need to reference the documentation to do so.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Sahar!

    No update at this time...we need to wait until someone is available to revamp the article. I'll check in on it and make sure it's still on the radar!

  • Lester Madden

    I'm also chasing up the article

    An old article that needs updating is better than no article at all 

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Good news--the Customizing status icons tip has been updated and is available again! 

  • celine.cossez

    Hello there, 

    Is it possible to know the exact meaning of the existing post's status (planned, not planned, completed) and what are they doing to a post once selected (closing it for comment or post ...) ?

    Thank you !


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