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If needed, you can merge one or more tickets into another ticket. You might do this if you receive two support requests about the same issue from the same end-user, for example.

It's also possible to merge a group of tickets into a single ticket. See Bulk merging tickets.

Ticket merging rules:

  • The tickets must be less than Solved. You can however merge an unsolved ticket into a Solved ticket. Doing this will not reopen the Solved ticket.
  • The tickets can't be shared with another Zendesk Support instance via Ticket sharing. If you unshare a ticket, it can be merged.
  • If you have ticket CCs enabled:
    • You can merge two tickets with different requesters. The requester of the ticket you close with the merge is added as a CC to the new ticket.
    • If anyone was CC'd on an original ticket, they are also added as a CC on the merged ticket.
  • If you don't have ticket CCs enabled, you can only merge two tickets if they are from the same requester.
  • The most recent public comment form the ticket being closed with the merge appears in the new ticket's comment thread with a link to the closed ticket, where you can review previous comments. No other comments appear directly in the new ticket.
  • Ticket fields, including Tags, Type, Priority, and Status, aren't carried over from the ticket being closed with the merge. Only fields that are filled out in the new ticket are saved.
  • Merges are permanent and can't be undone.

To merge one ticket into another ticket

  1. Open the ticket that you want to merge into another ticket.
  2. Click the Ticket options menu in the upper right, then select Merge into another ticket.

  3. You can enter a ticket number, select one of the ticket requester's open tickets, or select one of your recently viewed tickets.

  4. When you select a ticket to merge into, you'll be prompted to confirm the merge. You can also edit the merge comments that are added to each ticket and also set whether or not the comments will be public or private using the Requester can see this comment option.

  5. Select Confirm and Merge.

    Be sure that you merge the correct tickets. Ticket merges are final; you cannot undo or revert a ticket merge.

    The ticket that was merged into another ticket is closed.

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    Can I default the merge to private by default (uncheck requester can see this comment) ?

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    We need to be able to search for tickets in the merge window. If the original ticket was not recently viewed, I have to exit the window, search for the ticket number and then go back in and start over. If I could search right from that popup, it would save a lot of time.

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    I would also like to know whether the functionality that Pat G brought up is configurable

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    Pat and John, 

    That is not currently configurable. 


    That also isn't currently possible -- as you know. Thanks for the suggestion. 

    Please feel free to add a feature request here ( so that our Product Management team is aware of these suggestions. Other users can also vote them up.  

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    Hi Anton,

    Somewhere this actually is possible.  When merging tickets in my environment (Zendesk Classic), the top ticket was checked to make the merge public and the bottom wasn't.  My manager recently made a few changes to our environment and now both the top and the bottom are checked by default, forcing us to uncheck both to make the merge private on both tickets.  My manager can't recall what changes were made that would have caused this setting to change.  We would rather have both boxes unchecked.  Any ideas?

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    Can't find where this is possible, but wondering if we are able to change the default text when merging a ticket individually. I'd like to change the default text so that I can change the placeholder (to remove the URL from the Ticket ID), but I can't seem to find where to do that.

    Is this possible?


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    Christopher: We may have made changed this with a recently release. Let me probe a bit more for details. You'll have to uncheck the appropriate box for now -- sorry! 

    **Rebecca: **It's currently not possible to set the default text in the merge box. It is a bit cumbersome, but editing the text each time for a merge is the only way to handle it at the moment. 

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    Hello, is there a way to undo the merging of tickets?

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    Hi Amanda: 

    Ticket merges are final! You won't be able to undo or revert the merge. 

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    Good day,

    It appears that notes in merged tickets do not retain their time stamp. All notes from the merged ticket are time stamped at the time of the merge. It would be helpful if the time stamp from each note would remain as original.

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    Hey Jerry: 

    Can you send an email to with some screen shots? The merged ticket should retain time stamps for all previous events. You should see the merge notification with the merge date as the latest update, though. 

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    How do i undo a merged a ticket?

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    Hi Fred: 

    A ticket merge is final! There is no way to undo the merge -- sorry! 

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    I don't have the "Merge into another ticket" menu item.... (see attached screenshot)

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    Hey Al: 

    Are you an agent or administrator in the help desk? If you're an agent, the option to merge might be disabled for your role. 

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    I am using Enterprise, and I've noticed that the option to merge tickets that come from my spoke accounts isn't present when I'm looking at a ticket. Can you clarify for me if this is a known issue and whether or not there's a fix or workaround (or if I'm just mistaken)? I've attached a screenshot inside of a spoke ticket with Ticket Options selected. Thank you.

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    Hi Jay: 

    Because those tickets don't exist on the account they're being shared with, it's presently not possible to merge the tickets. Just to clarify, if you go to the spoke and find the same ticket, you'll see the merge option on the spoke account. There's an existing feature request for this here:

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    I don't have the "Merge into another ticket" menu item....

    I have a Regular account and I am Admin


    Thanks for help

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    N Kunzer, 

    You should see it there. Please email and they'll help you troubleshoot this. 

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    I'm an admin with an Enterprise account.  "Merge into another ticket" is not an available option in my spoke accounts.  Is it possible I disabled this functionality in the settings somewhere?

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    Hey Jon,

    The ability to merge tickets is set on the individual roles, so be sure to check that you did not end up as an agent somehow instead of an administrator. Admins should have this ability by default, but if you need to look on where to add it on the specific role I've included a screenshot of where its located.

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    Hey Brandon/ZD,

    I have the same problem. Merge options do not appear, not in hub, not in spoke. Checked the roles/settings for all, but the are set ok (can merge tickets). Any idea?

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    Raoul & Jon,

    You both seem to be on the Enterprise plan so I want to clarify that shared tickets cannot be merged. I'm not positive which tickets you are looking at when you do not see the Merge ticket option, but if these tickets are shared with your hub or spoke or any other helpdesk you have a sharing agreement with the ability to merge is unavailable. If you unshare the ticket you should see the option to merge come back.

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    I´ve got the same issue, the "merge ticket" is gone.

    I have not done any changes in the agent profile since it last worked (approx. 1 week ago).





    And where do I find the page that is on the attached screenshot: "Merge tickets option.png (quick view)."

  • 0

    Hello Ellinor,

    Are the tickets that you are looking at shared with a Spoke or Hub? Tickets that have been shared cannot be merged. As for the location of my screenshot, that is located at Manage > People and then editing or creating a new Role. This is only on the Enterprise plan though.

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    "Can I default the merge to private by default (uncheck requester can see this comment) ?"

    When will it be possible ?

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    Hey Stephanie,

    I don't believe that we have any plans to allow our users to set merge notifications as private by default, but that doesn't mean its out of the question. We are constantly improving Zendesk and I definitely see functionality like you've described as something that would align with our vision of Zendesk. We do get a lot of requests though, and our development team simply doesn't have the resources to implement everything that our users suggests. I'd recommend that you post this to our feature requests forum and got some community support behind the request. Our product managers regularly look through this forum for ideas on what to build next with extra dev time. You can find the feature request forum here:

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    June 03, 2013:


    "Ticket options in the bottom toolbar, then select Merge into another ticket." No longer displays. Where is this option kept? Alternate place? 


    Please advise, thank you!

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    "Ticket options in the bottom toolbar, then select Merge into another ticket." is not in a bottom toolbar, instead, it's a drop down list underneath the ticket response textbox (not at the bottom, there's no toolbar at the bottom that I could readily find). Thanks muchly, appreciated!  :)

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    Hi Roger, 

    Are you using Classic Zendesk? In that case, you are right! But in the new version of Zendesk that option is in the bottom toolbar on the left. This article includes both but the Classic instructions are labeled as "Zendesk Classic" in step 2. Thanks!

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