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It's possible to change an existing ticket's requester to someone else and, if a requester belongs to more than one organization, you can also change the organization their ticket is assigned to.

Note: Your Zendesk Support settings must be configured to allow CCs on tickets for you to be able to change the ticket requester. For details, see Setting CC permissions for tickets.

This article includes the following sections:

Note: You can't change the requester on a ticket that has been shared or closed.

Changing the ticket requester

You may want to change the user designated as the ticket requester if someone sent in a support request on someone else's behalf. The user who you want to set as the requester must be an existing user.

To change the ticket requester

  1. Open the ticket where you want to change the requester.
  2. Next to the ticket requester's name, below the ticket title, click Change.

    The Requester field appears in the ticket properties panel.

  3. Begin entering a user's name, email domain, or organization name and the relevant results appear. Select the user. If the user does not yet have an account, add them by clicking +Add user at the bottom of the search results.

  4. Click Submit to save the ticket update.

After you've changed a requester, you can later see who the original requester was by checking the ticket's events and notifications.

Changing the ticket requester's organization

On Professional and Enterprise, end-users can belong to multiple organizations. If a ticket's requester belongs to multiple organizations, the ticket can be assigned to any of the requester's organizations.

Note: An administrator must enable multiple organizations for users (see Enabling multiple organizations for users).

When a user who belongs to multiple organizations submits a ticket by email, it is assigned to their default organization. When the user creates a ticket in your Help Center, or when an agent creates a ticket on behalf of the user, the user or agent can select the organization for the ticket. You can change the organization for a ticket, if necessary.

Here's what happens to tickets when the requester is removed from an organization or when an organization is deleted:
  • When a requester is removed from an organization, any tickets associated with that user and that organization, will be assigned to the user's default organization if the user belongs to multiple organizations. If the user does not belong to multiple organizations, the tickets will not be associated with an organization.

  • When an organization is deleted, any tickets associated with the deleted organization will be assigned to the requester's default organization. If the organization that was deleted was the requester's default organization, one of the requester's other organizations will be promoted to default, then any working tickets will be associated with the requester's new default organization. If the user does not belong to multiple organizations, the tickets will not be associated with an organization.
To change the organization for a ticket when the requester belongs to multiple organizations
  • In the ticket, click the current Organization, then select one of the requester's other organizations.

    If the requester does not belong to multiple organizations you will not see the Organization field on the ticket. You can only choose an organization that the requester belongs to.

    The organization for the ticket appears in the ticket and at the top of the ticket.

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    Re organizations we find it very frustrating not being able to change the organisation name of the requester unless the org has been added to the requesters profile, its also frustrating that an org can only be created by admins - i understand its important for consistency but we don't have the resource capacity for someone to add organisations for all new requesters.


    It would also be helpful if there were an option on Agent Access: Tickets in agents group/agents org

    Edited by Karyn Tooke
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    Hey Karyn!

    Thanks for the feedback on this. I did some poking around in our Product Feedback forum, but I wasn't able to find an existing thread about this. I'd definitely suggest that you pop over there and start a new post describing your suggestion and your use case for our Product Managers to review. They see all the posts there, and take customer suggestions into consideration as they work to improve Zendesk.

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    When the requester is updated, should the ticket tags also be updated? When our support team updates the requester, the ticket tags are not updating to include those from the new requester/org.

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    Hey Paul!

    You would need to set up triggers to make those changes when a ticket is updated with a new requester/org. Let me know if you have more questions!

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    It should be noted that the "Change" link will not appear unless you have the "Enable CCs on tickets" setting enabled. Mysterious.

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    It appears as changing the requester is not possible in the overview view anymore, but can now simply be done directly inside the ticket. I guess the article should be updatet to highglight this.

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    Hey Michael!

    Can you specify which part of the article is incorrect? I can't seem to find what you're referring to.

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    Hi Jessie

    I'm referring to point No. 2. When I'm selecting a ticket, I cant see a "change" option on the screen. When wanting to change the requester I have to enter the detail view of the ticket and do it there.

  • 0

    Hey Michael,

    Step 1 is telling you to actually open the ticket you want to change the requester on, because it's only possible to do this from inside the ticket. I apologize that this wasn't clear! I'll touch base with our Documentation team to see if we can word this more clearly.

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    You're right--that wasn't clear. I updated it to say "open the ticket." Thanks for letting us know!

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    Hi together

    Thanks for updating :)


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