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  • Ted S

    We want to use Zendesk- for now- to support our internal employees in various departments. Those employees in turn are usually submitting tickets for work/issues which ties to an external customer. It's very important we be able to track the external customer and the tickets we've worked on for them (even though our Agents won't be in direct contact with the external customer).

    Is there any decent way to facilitate this? The only idea I've come across is to make our internal employees Light Agents so they can submit tickets on behalf of an Organization which is the external customer. Unfortunately, I'm not sure this will really work because our internal employees (close to 100) could be submitting a ticket for any of a couple thousand Organizations, so we can't really associate every employee/Light Agent with every Organization (external customer).


  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    You can utilize light agents for it. They can create the ticket directly from the Support UI and designate the end-users as a requester. When it comes to these tickets you can designate a specific tag for it and add it as a condition on your triggers so that it will not fire when these tags are present. For example, "Notify requester and CCs of comment update". This will make sure that the comments will not be sent to the requester, if the assignee have added a public comment accidentally. Communication to these tickets can just simply be via internal comments.

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