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Depending upon how you manage incoming support requests, tickets may be automatically assigned to you, to other agents, and to groups. If you manually evaluate and assign tickets, then assigning yourself, another agent, or a group to a ticket is as simple as selecting the ticket assignee.

Note: If your account contains only one agent, all tickets will automatically be assigned to that agent.
Assigning a Ticket to Yourself (0:45)

To manually assign a ticket to a group or another agent

  1. Open a ticket from one your views.
  2. You can assign the ticket to a group or to an agent and a group. When you click the Assignee field, all of your groups are listed.


  3. You can either scroll the list and select the group and then the agent or you can just enter the group or agent's name to filter the list. For example, to find an agent named Steven, enter that name and you'll see the following:

  4. Select a group or another agent as the Assignee.
  5. Click Submit to update the ticket.
To manually assign a ticket to yourself
  1. Open a ticket from one your views.
  2. Click Take it above the Assignee field.

  3. Click Submit to update the ticket.

You can change a ticket assignee at any time.

You can also bulk assign tickets using a view. For example, you can open a view, pick and choose the tickets you want to assign to a single group or agent, and then assign all the tickets in a single step. See Managing tickets in bulk.

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    Hi there,

    We've got a problem with a new group we've set up, each time you try to assign a new ticket to this group it automatically is assigned to the requester's group and not to the desired group.

    Accessing the ticket and re-assigning it to the new group does see the ticket added to the correct group but this is double handling of tickets. What could I have set up incorrectly?

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    Hi Simon!

    Have you created a trigger to assign the ticket? If so, could you show me a screenshot of what you have set up so I can see if something is wonky?


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    I know this is an old post and the issue may have been resolved in newer updates that I already have. But for Brian, couldn't your agents be members of the multiple groups? Wouldn't that solve the issue?



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    Hey David! Thanks for chiming in! Based on Emily's comment, it looks like we were able to determine that there was a trigger running in the background that was messing with Brian's ability to assign to a different group.

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    How do we assign to groups we are NOT members of? The only way I see is to grant all agents access to All tickets, which then they can view ALL other groups/departments tickets. Not ideal. I set up a macro, however it will not save unless they have access to view All tickets.

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    Hi Katina,

    If they do not have access, they will not see them. Then, you would have to create some triggers to assign tickets to the groups. One idea, would be to have a dropdown will all the main groups, when a group is selected a tag would be added to the ticket and then using a trigger you could assign the tickets to the group that they cannot see.

    Hope this helps.

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    Why would a trigger work and not a macro?

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    Under the Enterprise Plan, you can set the role permission to allow assignement to any group.

    From memory, I though that this was also an option for other plans when creating an Agent?  The documentation says:

    If you would like your agent to be able to assign tickets to any group, you must click the Agent can assign ticket to any group checkbox when creating the agent. 



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    We are on the professional plan with the productivity pack. This is not an option :(

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    When we start working on unassigned tickets, the first thing we do is to assign them to ourselves, which takes them out of other agents' views (each agents works from a view of open tickets assigned to them and open unassigned tickets). However, to get the assignment to 'take' you need to submit the ticket, which takes you to the next ticket (if you are working in play mode or are set up to move quickly through tickets). 

    Is there a way to assign the ticket without doing an extra submit?

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    I have a problem where agents are assigning tickets to their team members when they do not  feel like doing it. Is there a way to restrict agents from reassigning tickets that are assigned to them by admins?

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    Hi Michael!  There are no native features that can prevent an agent from reassigning a ticket to another agent.  You can see the history of the assignees on a ticket by looking at the Events on a ticket:


    With this information you can at least take steps to correct this behavior with your agents.

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