Manually assigning a ticket to yourself, another agent, or a group

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Depending upon how your Zendesk manages incoming support requests, tickets may be automatically assigned to you, to other agents, and to groups. If you manually evaluate and assign tickets, then assigning yourself, another agent, or a group to a ticket is as simple as selecting the ticket assignee.

Assigning a Ticket to Yourself (00:45)

To manually assign a ticket to a group or another agent

  1. Open a ticket from one your views.
  2. You can assign the ticket to a group or to an agent and a group. When you click the Assignee field, all of your groups are listed.

  3. You can either scroll the list and select the group and then the agent or you can just enter the group or agent's name to filter the list. For example, to find an agent named Steven, enter that name and you'll see the following:
    Zendesk Classic: Select a group from the Group field drop-down list. Choose the appropriate group and the list of agents included in that group will be available in the Assignee field.
  4. Select a group or another agent as the Assignee .
  5. Click Submit to update the ticket.
To manually assign a ticket to yourself
  1. Open a ticket from one your views.
  2. Click Take it above the Assignee field.
    Note: This option is only available in the new version of Zendesk, not Zendesk Classic.
  3. Click Submit to update the ticket.

You can change a ticket assignee at any time.

You can also bulk assign tickets using a view. For example, you can open a view, pick and choose the tickets you want to assign to a single group or agent, and then assign all the tickets in a single step. See Bulk updating, deleting, and merging tickets .

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    Hi Anton,

    In this article you said, "You can assign the ticket to group and not also select an agent," but when we go into Manage > Ticket Fields > Assignee we are unable to uncheck the "Required" box - it is grayed out. Ideally we want to be able to mark a ticket as "Solved" and assignee it to an agent OR the group as a whole. Is this possible? 



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    As long as you select a group, you don't have to also select an agent (Assignee). I know only the Assignee field is marked as required. Give it a try and let me know if it doesn't work for you. 

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    Hey Anton,

    So this works if we mark the ticket as "Pending" but when we mark the ticket as "Solved" an assignee is required. Any other thoughts? 


    Thanks for the quick response! 



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    Sorry, you're right. You did say you wanted to set the ticket to Solved. Solved tickets do require an agent assignee. This is the way Zendesk works. You can assign tickets to a group without an agent but ultimately an agent is responsible for the ticket. This also makes it possible for agents to be rated on tickets they solve. So, sorry, it's not possible to solve a ticket without also assigning an agent. 

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    I would like to assign a ticket to all the members in the group. I do not want to choose a single agent. How do I make it?

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    Hey Nida: 

    You can leave the ticket unassigned in a group, but you can't really assign the ticket to a group. The assignee field is meant for giving the ticket to a specific agent. 

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    Are you able to assign a ticket to an agent who is a member of a group which you yourself are not a member of?

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    @Dan You bet, no problem! :)

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    @Dr. J But once hte ticket has left your group then you can no longer see it right?

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    Hi Dan, 

    That's going to depend on the settings for your Zendesk. With the default settings where all agents are able to see all tickets, you could search for it and reassign it to yourself. If the regular agent role has been customized or restricted to only seeing certain tickets by Admins then it's possible you wouldn't have access to tickets outside your group(s). 

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    @Laura D. @Dr. J 

    Here is my scenario:

    My groups are set up as levels of hierarchy (the higher the group number, the more senior the members). I want my agents down at level 1 (Group 1) to be able to assign tickets up the chain to Level 3 (Group 3) but I don't want them to be able to see that ticket after it has been escalated. Currently, unless I add that Level 1 agent to the Level 3 group, they cannot see the Level 3 members and therefore cannot re-assign tickets to Level 3.


    Does that make sense??

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    Hi Dan,

    With a Plus level subscription, you can't make granular level changes to role settings in the same way that you would be able to with an Enterprise account. As such, when you restrict an agent to a particular group or groups, they will only have access to those users and tickets. There are a couple of ways that I can see that you could work around this in your current setup:

    1. A dedicated individual who would be in all groups or in as an admin who would be able to route tickets accordingly. This is the simplest fix, but probably the most time consuming long term.

    2. Have your agents CC those agents who are not in their groups and then post an internal note asking those higher up agents to take the ticket and then have your higher up agents assign the tickets to themselves once they have been notified.

    3. Setup triggers that would assign tickets to specific agents or groups and have those triggers fire off of tags that could be added by your lower level agents to the ticket.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Casem,

    I understand your comments but this makes little sense to me. It is too restrictive.What is the point in having Groups at all if we can't use them effectively?

    You are correct in saying option one is most time consuming and is therefore not an option at all because part of the motivation for investing in Zendesk was to save time, Option two involves all agents CC'ing all Agents and then everybody's inbox fills up with notifications and then higher Agents would have to sift through a lot of information looking for tickets to deal with with seems counter-productive to me. Option three is far too complex for anybody within my team to even understand.

    Simple fact is, if I am an Agent in group A then I should be able to see and assign a ticket to an Agent in Group B even if I cannot see the ticket after I have assigned it. With a Plus level subscription I SHOULD be able to make granular level changes to Agent role settings.


    Dan Wilson

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    I Second Dan's comment. This defeats the purpose of having ticket visibility segregation by group if they cannot reassign to other groups or users in other groups.

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    Hi Dan and Matt,

    Customer feedback like yours is most effective in our Product Feedback forum. Our Product Team reviews that forum regularly to see which Feature Requests are gaining the most traction, and it's especially influential when we make decisions about the direction of our product. I would encourage you to create a feature request there. 

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    Zendesk gives an error if you try to assign a ticket back to your own group:

    • You can't reset the assignee within a group. Please select another group or assign to another agent within the current group.

    Our scenario is that we have many tickets assigned to specific agents that are waiting on customers to respond. Often, the customer responds after the assignee's shift has ended. This means a day (or more) is lost before any action is taken on the ticket. We'd like to throw all unsolved tickets back into the unassigned bucket at the end of each shift so that they can be worked on by other agents during the off hours.

    One workaround is to assign these tickets to another group and then assign them back to your group, but this is extremely cumbersome for a large number of tickets.

    Does anyone have a clever workaround for this?

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    Never mind...I see there's a configuration for this.  How did I not see this before?!?!?!

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    Sorry we missed this Jamie, maybe it's because the setting is fairly new. Glad you found what you needed!

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    I have ongoing problems assigning tickets to an agent in a different group (I also can't change tickets to different groups). I'm set as an agent in both groups (the source and the desired destination) and I'm our zendesk administrator. It seems like this should be a simple thing.

    What am I missing?

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    Hi Brian, 

    Rest assured, your personal access is unrestricted, so in an uncustomized Zendesk, you'd have no trouble reassigning tickets to different Groups. I ran a quick test in your account and found the issue: You have an "Email Assign to Technology" trigger and an "Email Assign to Facilities" trigger, both of which will override any manual reassignment to the opposite Group. If you return to the ticket where you had this issue and click 'Show all Events' at the top of the comments thread, you'll see all the behind the scenes activity that took place in the ticket when an update was submitted. This will include any triggers that may have fired and overrode your Group reassignment. 

    Please let us know if that doesn't address your issue!

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    I have the same issue/behavior of Brian.
    So what should I do in case I've mistakenly received a ticket in a group and I want to transfer it to another?
    I have the mentioned triggers to correctly route tickets received by email but theses triggers are preventing me to move tickets to different groups after received at all!


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    Hi Bruno!

    If the ticket you're moving doesn't meet all of the conditions for your trigger, the trigger won't fire. So what you'll need to do is update the ticket in such a way that it doesn't meet all of the trigger conditions when you re-assign it.

    For instance, you could add a trigger condition under Meet all of the following conditions: Ticket tags: > contain none of the following > reassign

    When you need to reassign a ticket, you add the reassign tag (either manually or with a macro - up to you), and then when you send the tag over to the correct group, the trigger won't fire and send it back.

    That's just one of several ways you can alter the triggers and ticket properties to prevent this problem. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Hi there,

    We've got a problem with a new group we've set up, each time you try to assign a new ticket to this group it automatically is assigned to the requester's group and not to the desired group.

    Accessing the ticket and re-assigning it to the new group does see the ticket added to the correct group but this is double handling of tickets. What could I have set up incorrectly?

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    Hi Simon!

    Have you created a trigger to assign the ticket? If so, could you show me a screenshot of what you have set up so I can see if something is wonky?


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