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    How does entitlement work with users belonging to multiple orgs? Here's an example:

    Org A (standard support)
    Org B (better support)
    Org C (vip support)

    User 1 is a user in each of these orgs. I assume in this scenario, we'll need to enforce customers to submit a ticket online so they can select the appropriate org. Each org has a unique tag associated with the support level (i.e. "vip"). If User 1 selects Org C from the drop down, will the "vip" tag be added to the ticket?

    Or is there another way of managing entitlements?

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    Blaine Knab

    Hi Allen,

    This reply is a little late, but I wanted to let you know that you are correct here. You will want users to submit a ticket from your Help Center, this way they can select the appropriate org if they are members of multiple orgs. Since the user's tags and their org tags will be added to tickets they request, if you have a tag called "vip" on Org C and a user submits a ticket with that Org C selected the tag will be added to the ticket.

    This allows you to create business rules based on org tags as described in the following article:

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    Ray Gallagher

    Hi, we have the need to connect an end user to more than 300 organizations. We have some users that have up to 5,000 organizations (large restaurant chain). Is Zendesk working on enhancing this to accomodate the B to B model that we operate in? 

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    Ali Ayaz


    Is there any way to identify the end-users belonging to multiple organizations? I have tried the user export (XML) - it only lists the user record for the default organization.

    Any help?

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    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your question! If you or someone on your team is familiar with utilizing the API, you could create a script using this "Organization Membership" API doc. Per that article, a membership links a user to an organization.

    Organizations can have many users. Users can be in many organizations if the account supports multiple organizations. This end point will allow you to to list users in an organization. 

    I hope that helps =) 

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    We also need more than 300 organizations... Is this being worked on?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Josh!

    As far as I know this isn't something on our to-do list...I did some poking around in our Product Feedback forum, and I don't see any threads on this particular thing either.

    I'd definitely recommend popping over there to post your suggestion, including your detailed use case - that information is really helpful to our Product Managers so they can fully understand the problem you're trying to solve.

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