Managing users in multiple organizations

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  • Anais

    Hi, Thomas, thanks for your reply.

    I understand the logic, and I have thought about user’s tag solution, but this means we have to add org tags manually to each user (unless there’s a possibility of automation?), which is possible since our potential users are limited in number, but do administrators receive a notification when a external user created an account (our access setting: “Require sign in” and Restricted access with domain mapping, so if I'm not mistaken, a new member of a registered organization will be automatically added) ?

    Besides, I realize that in any case, if a new user submits a ticket before he had been added to multiple organization by an agent, he will have no choice of organization…

  • Kirti Valand

    Hi !

    I would like to allow one user to view all the tickets created by users org, the customer is aiming to view tickets created by the Org-1 & Org-2 users. I have created 2 org with email domain and allow the customer to view tickets from user's org, I tried by assuming the identity and can see Org-1 tickets but not the org-2. Can someone please suggest how can I achieve it?





  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Kirti,

    It appears that this was resolved when you've chatted with Zendesk support team.

    Please feel free to contact again if anything comes up.



  • Rachel M


    Q: are triggers capable of changing the associated org for a new ticket, based on ticket conditions? as in, "if the requester belongs to multiple orgs and the subject contains the word "X", then make X the org for this ticket".

  • Holly
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Rachel!

    There is not a trigger action to update a ticket's organization, unfortunately, but you can have a trigger add a tag based on subject text — that may make these tickets easier to view and organize.

    If you have a moment to share some more details of your use case, there's a feature request thread where others are discussing similar needs here too. Thanks!

  • Ariel Kenneth Ampol

    It seems I have a view different from the screenshot in that I don't see "add organization."

    We recently upgraded to Zendesk Suite Growth for this feature, yet I can't utilize it. I have also enabled Multiple Organizations following the article "Enabling multiple organizations for users."
    Am I missing something here?

    UPDATE: I checked our "Customers" settings again, and it seems even though I select "Allow users to belong to multiple organizations" and save it, it doesn't take effect.


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