Managing users in multiple organizations

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  • Anais

    Hi, Thomas, thanks for your reply.

    I understand the logic, and I have thought about user’s tag solution, but this means we have to add org tags manually to each user (unless there’s a possibility of automation?), which is possible since our potential users are limited in number, but do administrators receive a notification when a external user created an account (our access setting: “Require sign in” and Restricted access with domain mapping, so if I'm not mistaken, a new member of a registered organization will be automatically added) ?

    Besides, I realize that in any case, if a new user submits a ticket before he had been added to multiple organization by an agent, he will have no choice of organization…

  • Kirti Valand

    Hi !

    I would like to allow one user to view all the tickets created by users org, the customer is aiming to view tickets created by the Org-1 & Org-2 users. I have created 2 org with email domain and allow the customer to view tickets from user's org, I tried by assuming the identity and can see Org-1 tickets but not the org-2. Can someone please suggest how can I achieve it?





  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Kirti,

    It appears that this was resolved when you've chatted with Zendesk support team.

    Please feel free to contact again if anything comes up.



  • Rachel M


    Q: are triggers capable of changing the associated org for a new ticket, based on ticket conditions? as in, "if the requester belongs to multiple orgs and the subject contains the word "X", then make X the org for this ticket".

  • Holly
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Rachel!

    There is not a trigger action to update a ticket's organization, unfortunately, but you can have a trigger add a tag based on subject text — that may make these tickets easier to view and organize.

    If you have a moment to share some more details of your use case, there's a feature request thread where others are discussing similar needs here too. Thanks!

  • Ariel Kenneth Ampol

    It seems I have a view different from the screenshot in that I don't see "add organization."

    We recently upgraded to Zendesk Suite Growth for this feature, yet I can't utilize it. I have also enabled Multiple Organizations following the article "Enabling multiple organizations for users."
    Am I missing something here?

    UPDATE: I checked our "Customers" settings again, and it seems even though I select "Allow users to belong to multiple organizations" and save it, it doesn't take effect.

  • Kamil Biedrzycki

    We are planning to enable `Allow users to belong to multiple organizations` option on our end, however, we wonder what will happen with already existing users and tickets in the system. Will organization assignment stay as is and tickets will remain in proper statuses once this option is turned on?

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator

    Hey Kamil Biedrzycki

    Existing tickets will stay assigned to the current organization.

    When tickets are created they will now show a new dropdown next to the ticket allowing you to change the organization that ticket belongs to.

    By default it will assign it to the default organization of the requester.


  • Kamil Biedrzycki

    Thomas Verschoren that sounds good. What in case that user membership in given org will be removed. Will user still see the ticket on his end? Will ticket remain visible for users within that org that was assigned previously?

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator



    For any closed ticket (that is a ticket that is solved and than closed by automation or the system after x days), the assignment will be permanent and the ticket will be assigned to that organization.

    If you’ve setup the organization that tickets are shared across the organization (see, that ticket will remain visible.

    For active tickets, the ticket will be removed from the organization if the user is removed from that organization upon the next update of the ticket. Changing the requester to another employee is a better flow then


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