Multibrand vs. hub and spoke: Why to migrate Follow



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    George Kaloyanov


    Any update on the JWT Payload URL restriction/confinement to only?

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    Any changes in regards to SSO since May? Specifically, can I segregate the Help Centers? I cant have users from one have access to another for example. Or has another solution come about? Dig it.

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    Will Seader .
    I'm curious about the above question as well. SSO is the only thing stopping us from switching at the moment.
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    Andrea Brown

    I'm also interested in switching over, but can't do so if our Help Centers are going to be accessible to all users across all of our brands. 

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    Dmitry Kirilyuk

    Hello! Any news about different SSO urls for brands?

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    Michael Sheetz

    Hello Dmitry,

    Unfortunately, Multibrand still only allows for one SSO used between all brands.  This is a known limitation and we are looking into finding a solution in the future.

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