Generating a HAR file for troubleshooting

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  • Joseph May
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    The export as HAR is built-in since Firefox 41, you do not need to install Firebug and the NetExport extension.
    Just show the network profiler toolbar through Menu > Developer > Network. Then reload the page. Right-click anywhere in the table and select the entry called Save all as HAR, select the destination file. You are done.

    Firefox users need to take some additional action prior to capturing a HAR:

    •Install the Firefox extension Firebug.
    •Install the Firebug extension NetExport. ...
    •Open the Firebug console using one of these methods: ...
    •Navigate to the Net tab in Firebug console.
    •Refresh the page to start capturing the traffic between the browser to the server.

    While we recommend Chrome for this sometimes internal policy dictates the use of particular browsers. We will continue to try and update documentation to reflect all supported browsers.

  • james pruett
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    where is the HAR file located. Everyone says send HAR File, but after your step of "right click save as HAR", I am lost trying to find it....

  • Anna Everson
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    @James - I believe by default it will save to your "Downloads" folder, but you can set your downloads location in your Chrome settings (Chrome > Preferences > Advanced Settings > Downloads.)

  • Donald Kyle
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    Hello Edward,


    He experiences the issue when he tries to type in update text box. ( it wont let him )


    I have asked him to generate the HAR file

  • Darryl Fresne
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    When generating my HAR file as instructed, the file size is 37.8 mb which exceeds the 20 mb limit imposed by ZD. How should we upload these larger files for review?

  • Johnny Chang
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    Hi Darryl,

    You can compress HAR files.  When I tried to compress a 22.4MB HAR file the zip file became 13.2MB.  


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