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  • Michael Adams

    Please lower the bar for this... 50 agent, $2,000 per month minimum is a high barrier of entry.

  • Brian Entrekin


  • David DeGrandpre

    Agreed. Would love to see this available on the Plus package and not forced to Enterprise. 

  • Josh

    Agreed with @Mike

  • Roger Davies

    Is there a possibility this pricing can be reduced to a more reasonable level - we need HIPAA compliance but not 50 agents, and given this level of pricing, we are probably likely to use Atlassian ServiceDesk instead, which has a much better pricing model.

  • Brian Entrekin

    We could not afford it and after talking with support settled on a policy of leaving PHI out and using the Ticket Redaction App, which is free, should there be a mistake.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Roger!

    I'd recommend getting in touch with our Sales team; they'd be able to let you know whether that's possible or not.

    @Brian, thanks for sharing your solution!

  • MikeDanford

    We finally get the BAA we've been requesting for years, but only if you spend a fortune for the Enterprise level service? I'm very disappointed. Zendesk will be an outlier in this field. Is there truly such a premium for HIPAA compliance?

  • Jonathan Abbett

    There are many small healthcare startups that are starving for HIPAA-compliant integrations, but there's no way we'd need 50 agents or could afford $2000/month. Please know that it's not just giant hospital systems and insurers that need this functionality - help us little guys, too.

  • Donato Dileo

    Does someone knows what iti is the standard SLA without this add-on? For SLA I mean when I've a issue(on zendesk side) that block my activity and I cannot meet my SLA with my internal customers. 

  • MikeDanford

    Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, and more now offer this as part of their services. I encourage you folks to take a look at the market and reconsidered your current product offering and associated costs. There are a ton of SMBs and small medical providers who need to protect ePHI and receive BAAs from their vendors.

  • Thomas Mueller

    Wow, that's... still way too much. As a comparison, Help Scout offers a BAA starting at $10/month. Zendesk's minimum cost is 80 times as high.

  • David DeGrandpre

    Agreed, definitely still too high. And requiring the enterprise plan. There are users that are not on the enterprise plan that would love to have these features at a reasonable cost. This is not reasonable. 

  • Hi, may i know the current pricing for this solution for 20 agents?


  • Andrew Apicello

    Hi Max,

    Great article. It looks like HIPAA compliance is now available for products other than just enterprise. Confirmation on this point would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Ingrid R.
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Andrew,

    Just to clarify that Enterprise is a type of plan, not a Zendesk product. And, at the present moment, the advanced security feature mentioned in this article is only available as an Add-on for Enterprise accounts/planners.

    Hope to have clarified!

    Ingrid R. | Customer Advocate |

  • Cho Kyuseung

    Hi Zendesk 

    I have a question

    - Do I have to buy Support Enterprise + Advanced Security add-on for data encryption ?

    otherwise all my data is stored in AWS without encrypting ?


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Cho,

    You are correct and you must be on Support Enterprise and purchase the Advanced Security add-on to have your data encrypted. If this is something you're interested in and wish to hear more about pricing, I would encourage you to reach out to your Account Executive so they can assist further :)

    Let me know if you're not sure who your AE is and I can generate a ticket on your behalf.


  • Christian Paesano

    Another vote for this. 

  • Gareth Elsby

    Is this plan still valid and if so, what's the cost nowadays please?

  • Brian Entrekin

    They have separated out the DR fee so it's cheaper now.  I think you need Enterprise ($125 per user/month list) and the Advanced Compliance ($25 per user/month list).


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