Enhanced Disaster Recovery

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  • Stephen Kairys


    What (if any) is the cost of this safeguard?



  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Stephen Kairys!

    I've gone ahead & created a ticket on your behalf so our sales team can discuss how much the cost would be for your subdomain.

    We'll reach out to you soon!

  • James Beniston


    What are the parameters on which this would be activated or available to be instigated?

    Assume this covers us where something happens on the server location or a natural disaster etc. Would we be covered or able to use this feature if we ourselves did something that upset or caused data outage in our Zendesk environment?




  • Mary Paez

    When you mention "data", does this only include everything on the ticketing side?

    Or what about Guide, Guide configurations (categories/sections), Portal customizations, community posts, Explore dashboards and reports?

    Mary P

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    @James and Mary,
    The best people that can answer these questions will be our Sales team. I suggest initiating a Messaging session to connect with them directly.
  • Brian Greenberg

    What exactly does disaster recovery entail? What can be recovered? For example:

    - If a help center is accidentally deleted or if the content structure has been significantly disrupted, can we restore old help centers? ZD support tried to do this for us once, and it did not work as expected. This would be a great feature that would give our editorial team some peace of mind.

    - If there are severe disruptions to our ticket or messaging data (say, for example, someone gets an API key phished or an employee accidentally bulk deletes something), can we restore old tickets that have been deleted or altered?

    - Can we restore all admin settings and user profiles to their past state?

    Given the lack of native ability to track, limit, and manage API requests, I'm always worried something will go catastrophically wrong, and we won't be able to revert to an older state.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Brian
    I recommend contacting Zendesk Customer Support so they can help answer your questions. 


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