Forwarding your incoming support email to Zendesk using Gmail or G Suite

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  • Jeremy Flanagan

    We use this feature all the time, but up until now, it's only been company sanctioned aliases, through our corporate google account. One of our teams has created a user facing alias as a personal gmail account and wants to route these tickets through Zendesk. Are there precautions we should take or any security risks?

  • AdamWalker

    Getting the following message after changing password on gmail account

    ''Unable to receive emails from this address. We can't connect to your Gmail account because your OAuth credentials are invalid. Please reconnect.''

    Please help, very frustrating. 

    Kind Regards, 

  • James Sanford

    Hey Adam!

    If you've changed your password for your Gmail account then you'll need to reconnect the account to your Zendesk since we would not have your current authentication information.  The "Please reconnect" message is asking you to use the "Reconnect" button that will appear in bold underneath the support address you are experiencing these difficulties with on your Email configuration page under Admin > Channels > Email.

  • Renée van Vliet

    I've connected my new gmail address to our zendesk account so all mails send to this new gmail are send to our Zendesk account. However, before connecting there were already about 200 mails in in my gmail inbox which I'd like to be visible to Zendesk as well. How can I do this? 

  • Andrew Dietrich
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Renée!

    The forwarding rules set up in this doc are very straightfoward; it will only forward mail sent after the rule was established.

    If you'd like to import old email, you can use the Gmail connector, which allows you to import up to 50 older emails: 


    Unfortunately this wouldn't cover all 200 of your old emails, but it's the best option in this case.

  • Cory LaPlante

    We currently have all of our individual agent's G Suite email addresses forwarding to a "team" Google Group email address (with some filters on the gmail side that allow us to use those email addresses for internal communication while forwarding external messages to Zendesk).  Each of the team addresses is set as a support address in our Zendesk instance, so all of our email forwards to Zendesk and is auto-assigned to the proper group via trigger.

    Is it possible to set things up (either with a Gmail filter, Zendesk trigger, or both) such that the original recipient is also auto-assigned in Zendesk, rather than just the group?  We do not want an agent's individual email address as a support address within Zendesk, but do want to streamline the process of assigning tickets within a team as much as possible.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Cory!

    That's an interesting workflow. Have you checked out our Mail API? This allows your agents to set various ticket properties, including Requester, when they forward the email to Zendesk.

  • Cory LaPlante


    I have looked into the Mail API, but our agents aren't manually forwarding any email to Zendesk, it's happening via a Gmail filter.  In fact, they don't even see emails from outside our domain coming into their Gmail inbox.  They bypass the inbox, get marked as read, and forward to their Zendesk team email address. 

    From everything I've been able to surmise, there is not a way to edit either the subject or body of an email using a Gmail filter, nor can you redirect an email rather than forward it via Gmail.  Both of these realities prevent us from utilizing the Mail API, at least in my understanding of it.  If I'm missing something (hopefully I am), I'd love to be able to use the Mail API to accomplish the ticket assignment.

    I am able to see the original recipient by viewing the original email from within a ticket, but I haven't figured out a way to get a trigger to act on that information.  Is it possible to do so?

    I appreciate any help you can provide!  It's not the end of the world to manually assign tickets from within a group, but if there's a way to bypass that step I'd love to.  Thanks!

  • Diogo Maciel
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Cory!

    Just to clarify, these API commands are really not used upon ticket creation from the side of the requester, as there would be no way to add them before the email being forwarded to your Zendesk address. These are commonly used by agents who use email as their main way to reply to tickets, via the notifications sent by Zendesk to the agents when a ticket they are assigned to is replied by an end-user. So these are used when an agent reply to a query from an end user via email, adding the commands before their reply, and not upon ticket creation (unless agents are creating tickets via email on behalf of end users, case which they can add the API commands at the top of the first message being sent by them to your support address)


    I hope this helps!

  • Amberlynn Frye

    Need clarification on this post.  If I have employed "SPF" and authorized ZenDesk to send mail on behalf of my domain, then for step #4 in this article, would I still need to configure this support address? 

    OR could/should I be only setting up forwarding for this email address?


    FYI (More Context): All incoming support requests will use this email address:, and because I've setup SPF/CNAME for Zendesk, all outbound email should be coming from



    Please advise!


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Amberlynn,

    If you've already set up a forwarding rule to forward emails from to and tickets are successfully generating in your account then you shouldn't need to take any additional steps.

    If you're experiencing issues with tickets generating in your account let me know!

  • Jessica Okorn

    Hi there, 

    Will this import all the stored emails from Gmail when this connection is made?

    Thank you, 


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jessica,

    No. It will import the emails going forward from the time of implementation but would not import stored emails.

    If you'd like to import old email, you can use the Gmail connector, which allows you to import up to 50 older emails:

  • Sophie

    Hi there, my Gmail has been set up to create tickets in zendesk successfully.

    However I’ve just set up a Google form for my customers to fill up and included my support email to be cc-Ed in every response receipt sent to respondents of my Google form. What I noticed though, is that the response receipt email is indeed sent to my gmail inbox, but does not create a ticket in my zendesk inbox.

    I’ve also tried adding all my support email addresses as part of my whitelist.

    What could be wrong here?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Sophie,

    Can you confirm whether or not these emails are showing up in your Suspended Tickets view? More information in the following article: Understanding and managing suspended tickets and spam

    It's possible that these tickets are being directed there, in which case you'd want to check the cause of suspension.

    Let me know if you continue to experience issues. 


  • Adam Chasen

    Used "Email routing and delivery" rules to redirect mail to the inbound zendesk address:

  • Paul Wheeler

    These instructions seem to be partially broken. I'm trying to set up an email alias using "Recipient address map" in my gsuite configuration. When I click "connect external address" this does not work. However, "connect other" does work! The distinction between these two options is totally unclear.

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the feedback. We have an individual article that covers the difference between these two but I think you're right that this article could point to it to make this process easier. I'm going to flag the article so we can take a look at possibly adding this note.

  • Pat Sires

    I purchased 2 items on from 2 different stores and I would like to pay for them in  one order and have them shipped in one shipment.  I that possible?


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