How to download invoices

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  • Danielle Hong Mingyi

    It will be great to include info on how long after payment the invoice will be available. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for that feedback, Danielle. 

  • Nargiz Gasimova

    So how long after payment the invoice will be available? I made a payment but it doesn't show any invoice.

  • Stephen Fusco

    Hey Nargiz, 

    It should update within an hour or two. We need to sync the changes from our billing platform which is what can cause that delay. 

  • Support

    Our account's Bill and Invoice is disabled for more than 10 days. Tried using different browsers but same issue.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Support,

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with downloading invoices on your account :-/ I'm going to get a ticket created on your behalf and passed over to our Support team so they can dig into this further. You'll receive a follow-up email shortly after I've created the ticket for you.



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