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    Bill Cicchetti

    We are trying to create a trigger that will notify a user who replies to a notification they receive when a community post or topic they subscribed to has a reply. 

    As of right now  if they fail to read the warning (which is in a lighter font color of grey) and reply to the email notification thinking it will update the Community post with their reply,  it instead  creates a ticket for the Support team.

    It seems they all get created as suspended tickets.  We want to be able to automatically notify them that replies to the notifications do not update the post.



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Bill!

    Tickets that are suspended aren't considered normal tickets by Zendesk, so it's not possible for Triggers or Automations to fire on them. If you go into the suspended queue and recover those tickets, you can have a Trigger fire at that point. But there's no way to automate that process.

    I've found that it's rare for users to respond to those notifications via email in our own Community. Are you seeing a very large number of those responses being suspended?

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    Bill Cicchetti

    Hi Jessie,

    Not currently though we just rolled out the community recently.  I was trying to be proactive and have something in place if it did happen.  Thanks for the info.


    I take it there is no way to edit the notification sent to the users when someone replies to a post they subscribed to?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Bill!

    No, I'm afraid there's no way to edit that notification.

    I actually had a process in place for this for a while. This is how I did it:

    At a set time each week I went through the suspended tickets queue, identified suspended responses to the Community notification, and recovered those tickets. I made a custom macro that let those users know that their comment didn't make it to the Community, and that they should re-post directly on the thread. Then I sent it off to the user.

    Now, the number of suspended tickets that came in from replies to the Community notification were very few, I never got a response from anyone I sent the ticket to, and no one ever went back in to re-post their comment. Based on those factors, I ultimately ended up eliminating this process.

    I hope you find that helpful!

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