Average vs Median

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  • Breydon Stangeland

    Hi Eugene,

    You mention

    "I will filter out proactive tickets, the once created by agents, from the report because most of them have irregularly high First reply time."

    How do you filter out pro-active tickets (agent created tickets) from your first reply time avg tickets?

    I've been looking for a way to do this for quite some time.

    Is it simply filtering out 'ticket created by [agent]' ?


    [Edit] I just found your great post explaining exactly this question. Sorry about that!

    Looking forward to finding out how.

  • Eugene Orman

    Hi Breydon,  

    The easiest way to filter out the proactive tickets would be by using the Ticket Submitter Role attribute, which unfortunately is not available in Insights. It is available in our new reporting product - Explore, that is in the beta stage at the moment. 

    The best workaround in Insights is to use the Ticket Submitter filter. Since you want to exclude all tickets submitted by agents the filter configuration will be:  Ticket Submitter isn't (names of your agents).

  • Madalina Vural

    is there a way to be able to set up quartiles in reports? For example, if the median is a numeric value that separates the higher half of a set from the lower half. What formula do i use in order to figure out the median value for the lower half and hight half of the data set?

  • Daniel Cooper

    Hi Madalina, 

    I'm not as familiar with the mathematical principles that you are trying to work through, but if you are familiar with how to generate the equations outside of GoodData, you may be able to use GoodData's Help Center Sections on Metrics and MAQL to help build a query out that accomplishes this for you.

    I will call out that the help center may not be specific to Zendesk, but for an overview of you you might use GoodData as a platform, I'd recommend taking a look to see if something clicks for you. 


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