Viewing lists of articles in various Team Publishing workflow states

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    Agents on our team who contribute articles in Guide are complaining that they have to bookmark or otherwise manage their work in progress articles to get back to them. I agree. I'd expect be able to see my work in progress articles in some way.

    As the Help Center manager, I am unwilling to extend the Guide Manager role to agents.

    Are there plans to enhance Guide to facilitate Team Publishing and Knowledge Capture features?

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey @Jacqueline,

    If you're using Guide Enterprise, this is definitely possible. Agents can click on 'Guide Admin' in the navigation bar while logged in on the Help Center.

    Once in the admin area, they should be taken to the Manage Articles page where they'll be able to see any article they have permissions to edit. They don't need to be Guide Managers and you can set up agents with edit permissions only on the articles you want them to have access to using Management Permissions. This should allow any agent to find articles they have in Work in Progress, assigned articles, etc. directly in the Manage Article interface. Let me know if that makes sense, otherwise we can file a ticket and help you troubleshoot further.



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