Updating your Github-managed theme in Guide

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  • James Rhea

    The options menu icon image on step #4 is not visible.

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Thanks for letting us know, James! It's fixed now.

  • Rachel M

    Hi Jennifer!

    I was curious if the Zendesk/Github integration can work in reverse.

    Meaning instead of "...you manage your theme in Github and update the theme in Guide as needed", I have been trying to determine how to "manage our theme in Guide, and update GitHub with the changes" – as a way to keep a versioned backup of our theme code in Github.


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Rachel, 

    No, the integration doesn't work in reverse.

    If you want to manage your theme in Guide and store a backup in GitHub, you can manually export the theme from Guide, unzip the files, and add them to a new branch in your GitHub repo.

    Hope that helps!


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