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  • Ankit B

    Is there a trick to reset the sort options? In the advanced option, I am unable to remove sort on metric from the sorting options.

  • Jacob J Christensen

    I wondered the same as Ankit ^

    Couldn't find any way to deselect the metric, had to construct the report from scratch to be able to sort on attribute instead of metric.

    I expected to then be able to sort my column chart by date attribute, but that doesn't seem to work (see below).

    What I really want to do is get a plain chronological sorting of columns by Day of Week (and abbreviate the name of the day), on my planet the week starts on Monday - if I could set that right somewhere it would probably save me a lot of grief.

  • Kelly Johnson

    I'm having the same issue as Jacob^

    I want to be able to sort my table by create date showing the most recent first.  The only thing I am able to sort on is the metric.




  • Beth Yoder

    I think you can sort, using the order by clause under sql options, but my sql skills are not strong enough to do it yet. I will update the post if I figure it out. 

  • Chris Bulin

    I'm also trying to do the same thing Jacob is. I want my team to be able to see how much they have improved by putting the most recent info at the top rather than having to scroll to get to the good stuff.

  • Jenni K.

    Hi Jacob and all! 

    So there is a way to sort some attributes by using the data structure, and creating an ordered set--for example, if you are using "Day of Week" as your column, you can use the Data Structure option to the right hand toolbar and select the Day of Week attribute you're sorting (Ticket Created - Day of Week) for instance, and then you can drag and drop those values to sort them as you see fit. I've included a screenshot below of that option.

    However, I admit that with the Date option it gets a bit trickier, since there would be so many values listed you couldn't do the data structure option listed above. With the Date attributes, you can have the most recent option appear by using the sort option and not selecting a metric, just simply changing the attribute in the sorting option to be "On Columns" and select the Date attribute there. 

    Jacob what you have in your screenshot should function as an option normally, so if you are still experiencing that issue with sorting with those settings please send us an email at and we can further investigate your query!


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